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    Default Sunscreen in Gift Shop at CSS

    Leave Thursday for CSS (Yes!!!), only staying 4 nights and would rather not check bags. I burn insanely easily, so need high-power sunscreen. Does anyone know if the gift shops stock high-factor sunscreen (50+)? And do they have the aresol kind in addition to cream?


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    They had high spf at CSA and did have the spray kind. Just a thought if you've not used it before though, it can be difficult to apply evenly particularly if you are outside and there is any breeze. You have much more control over the lotion kind. If you burn that easily it might be something you want to consider.

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    They do- 2 kinds, one off-brand, and one Coppertone. They run about $14 or $16 a bottle (I think 7 oz- the big size). In January, they didn't have aerosol, just lotion.

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    I'm not sure about CSS, but, CN has sunscreen. It costs a lot of money. If I were you I would squeeze some in your suit case some where.
    One Love,

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    I'm not sure, but my only question is why only FOUR nights!??? Gah, you are going to kick yourself.

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    4 nights because of toddler restrictions. Have to import Grandma to watch the 2 year old, and she's using half of her annual vacation for us. Didn't seem fair to ask for the other half. So we plan to enjoy every minute.

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