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    Default Feb 11 to Feb25 2011

    First-timers to Tower Isle
    Anyone else going at this time?
    Les & Michele
    BC Canada

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    Hello Lex & Michele, You will love CTI. We will be there 2/11-2/19. Check out some other posts related to Feb and Valentines week. There are a bunch of us going. Very popular week. See you There in 31 days, but hey who is counting..

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    We'll be there from Feb 23rd to March 4th. 1st time to CTI.

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    We'll be there from Feb 12-19, 2011. First time at any Couples resort and excited as we've decided to elope there on Feb 14 (cheesy, I know!). Anyway, it will just be the two of us--wedding at 11 a.m.--so if any well-wishers would like to join us (not sure how we'll eat a two-tier cake by ourselves, although I suspect we'll have no problems finishing off the complimentary bottle of sparkling wine) we'd love to have you!

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    We'll be there the 12th thru 19th as well.

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    Default First Timers from NC

    My wife and I are first time visitors to CTI and look forward to meeting everyone.
    Jeff & Michelle
    2/13 to 2/20

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    we are there 7th to 21st to celebrate our 10th anniversary, cant wait!

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    Congrats on the wedding Trieter! I just love cake.. Count me in! Hi Jeff n Michelle, you are going to love CTI! Congrats Bernadette, we celebrate an anniversary too, next year will be our 10th. Can't wait to see everyone, I am so DONE with this snow! 7 days and counting..

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    Hey Islandbliss et al...seriously, come and eat cake! Not sure I want to hang out in a bathing suit after having eaten a two-tier wedding cake all by myself (although I'm not ruling it out). My fiance's name is Peter--I'm not going to post mine as we're not telling family/friends we're getting married and my first name is pretty distinctive, but I'm sure we'll have a few days to meet before the wedding. Looking forward to a week at CTI--8 days and counting!

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    What time do you land at airport? Maybe we will ride the bus together.

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    Default Our first time as well

    We will be there Feb 11-18, looking sooooo forward to celebrating our 10 year anniversary there on the 17th. Tabatha and Ron, Oakville, Ontario.

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    Hey Trieter, heck your at couples of course you can eat the whole cake and put on your suit, it's all good.. When do you get there trieter? We should be at the resort by 1, can't wait to land and get home again, soon come.. And I think we should all meet at the main bar at 7:30 on 2/12, drinks are on me!

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    You know we will be there.

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    Hey, our flight gets in at 1:45 pm and then I hear it's a two-hour bus ride to the resort (I tried to get Peter to go for the 15-minute flight but he looked at me like it was nuts...). I seriously can't wait to get there and hit the sun and sand! Main bar on the 12th sounds GREAT! Looking forward to meeting all of you!

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    OOOH, i just thought of something! Feb 12 can be our respective stag nights, since the wedding is on the 14th and we're not having anything even more excited now (didn't realize that was possible)!

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    Of course I know you will be there Kevin, you wouldn't miss it again. And you know you HAVE to go next Feb 2012, it's going to be a big party for our 10th. But hey I'm getting ahead of myself, lol. Hey Trieter, our friends are getting married on the 15th, so looks like stag/hen parties on the 13th and the 14th. Almost there, see you on the 12th.. If you see us just say "Hi'.. 28 hrs and counting till we greet Kirk & Byron ...

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    Trieter, we get in at 2 PM so there is a slight chance we could be on the same bus. I'm hoping with the highway completed the bus ride will be slightly shorter.

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    Ok, time to come clean: our names are Peter and T (first name distinctive so I'm keeping it under wraps so no one we know checks this and finds out we're eloping! He's white, I'm east Indian, but we're both Canadian and looking forward to seeing everyone! Just found out we got upgraded to executive class on our flights--woohoo!

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