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    Default Off Property Excursions at CSS

    Hi all!
    We're headed to CSS May 7-14, 2011 and while we've previously visited Couples Negril and Couples Swept Away they were on the other side of the island, not this side. So I'm writing to ask what fun excursions there are on the Ocho Rios end of the island. I'd love to do some horseback riding (I'd love some suggestions for that) and maybe Dunns River Falls but other than that I'm at a loss. Can any of you share some fun outings you went on while visiting CSS?


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    We didn't do it this time, but I've heard the Zipline excursion is great. it's $105/pp and you're away from about noon-5pm

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    Default Excursions

    Although i have never done it how about Zip Lining or swimming with the Dolphins (that is amazing)
    Couple have free excursions on Horse Riding and Dunns River - the Dunns river is worth doing even if you don't climb the falls.
    The trip up to Nine Mile to see Bob Marley is good, you get to see a lot of the county side.
    Last time we went to FireFly (Noel Cowards) home which although not exciting was very interesting and the view from his house was stunning there was only us 2 going round not far from CSS in the other direction from Nine Mile so you see more of the island.
    we stopped at James Bond Beach (not very interesting) after that we went to Lobster Dave's in Ochi - wonderful lobster and an interesting experiance as long as you stay at Dave's and wait for your driver to come back for you.

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    We did the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour and the Chukka Zip Line, Both were Great, the Bicycle Tour is a long one, most of the day, but it was Awesome. We dont regret it a bit. You dont have to worry about it being hard either, you coast the entire way.

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    @Patty...I didn't know there was Swimming with Dolphins in the area. That is a must for me. Can you tell me any more about it? Also did I understand correctly that Couples offers free Horseback Riding excursions? That would be awesome. I'll have to think about the Zipline thing. May need to work up a little nerve!

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    Dolphins - amyangeli
    Check out Dolphin Cove on the net all the info is there-Guest services can arrange an excursion it is not far from CSS about 1/2 hour.
    It costs a few dollars but is unforgetable i think. I would do the best swim with the foot push it is amazing, i would also buy the DVD and photos more money but you may only get to do it the once so you need the memories.
    in 2008 i sent my sons to Jamaica CSS for my 60 birthday so they could experience Jamaica and Couples and Gary was not to impressed when i said they had to do the Dolphins - on returning he said it was the best thing he had ever done. He and his wife have been back to Jamaica every year since and will be at CTI in June. we are doing CTI & CSS in July.
    i have done the Dolphins 3 times and hope to do it again in July as it looks as if this could be our last trip to Jamaica - it is my husbands 65 birthday today and he will be retireing. so no trip every year from now on but hopefully we will be back. I just might have to send him out to work to pay for it!!
    Have a great trip "Once you go you know"

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    CSS-You get Dunn's river for free I believe
    CTI-You get the free horseback riding
    We went to CSS this summer and did the Dune Buggy. That was a blast!!

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    @dnbmccann- Can you please tell me more about the dune buggy excursion? My husband and I are headed to CSS in a couple of weeks and I think he would love to do something like that. Thanks!!!

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    If you search the MB for zipline or CSS excursions, you should come across some other threads that might be helpful. This is the review I posted a while ago:

    We did the Tranopy tour this past April and it was a blast. A bit pricey, but we did the triple (chair lift ride over the rain forest, bobsled run and zip line down at Magic Mountain). Purchasing at CSS may have been more $ than online direct, but then we didn't have to worry about transportation but we did have to make multiple stops at other resorts and then wait for everyone to go back. The bobsled was fun, but I wish it were longer.
    On the zip line, you will want longer shorts (think mid-thigh to knee length) as you will wear a harness that could rub otherwise. It's not a thriller excursion, and you need some patience as you have to wait for your whole group to make each run before proceeding on, but we had a great time. The guides were hilarious and made sure our whole group was laughing and safe. If you are at all nervous about heights, do not do this excursion. Some of the tree stops are pretty high up. I felt safe the whole time and was glad we did it. At the top of Magic Mountain there is a nice pool with a water slide, so if you wear your suit underneath and bring a towel in a bag, you can chill out before you zipline down. The guides will have your bag waiting for you at the bottom. The only issue we had was that it turned into a whole day event, and there is so much to do at CSS and since our trip was short (5 days), that we didn't get to do everything at the resort we wanted to. However, it was one of my favorite activities from our last trip (we had climbed Dunn's River the year before, which is also fantastic and included, which you should do if you haven't!)

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    We will be there the same week as you.
    Getting married on the 10th.

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    @mschure- The dune buggy's were a blast. We were at CSA in 2005 and did excursions 6 out of 7 days because we didn't think we would ever make it back to Jamaica. Well, when we went this summer we decided not to do any excursions. We got there and I decided one day that I would give my husband a present for our 5 year anniversary, so we did the Dune Buggys'. The ATV's from CSA in 2005 were our favorite thing the whole week so we figured the buggy's would be just as fun. The drive isn't too far from the resort. Just about 25 minutes along this crazy road. Once you get there there is a bar with food and a gift shop. You go ride the buggys for a while, then you get to swim in this amazing river for a while if you want. The water is a little cold Then you ride the buggys back. You can switch drivers around half way through too if you want, but my husband was having way too much fun so I just let him drive the whole time. It was great fun

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    dnbmccann- Is this something you can sign up for at the Resort? Was it reasonably priced? Thanks for you help!!!

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