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    Default HELP! Which Room To Book At CSA???

    We are trying to decide btwn the Beachfront Suites or the Beachfront Verandah Suites at CSA. My husband likes the huge balcony that comes w/ the Beachfront Suites and extra seating in the rooms but is concerned that the website states that some views may be "obstructed".

    The Beachfront Verandah Suites seem to all have a great ocean view w/ smaller balconies.

    They are priced about the same. What are the real differences? Privacy issues, size, noise, views etc. Please feel free to give me your opinions if you have stayed in either, thanks so much!

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    There is a TV in the verandah suites, none in the Beachfront. The verandah rooms are a little larger. Some of the beachfront suites have those HUGE balconies, but not all of them. I would like to see a designation between the two different styles of beachfront suites where you could be guaranteed to get one with the large balconies if that was your desire. At a up charge of course.

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    We stayed in the BFVS second floor and loved it! They are closest to the ocean. The verandah was plenty big enough. Beautiful sunsets at Christmas The BFS are really cool looking, but they are very close to Sea Grapes beach grill and the buffet! My concern is it would be pretty noisy there in the early morning. Carts of food traveling past, etc. There are some trees in front of those buildings, but nothing that would take away from the beach view.

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    Not all the BFS have the HUGE balcony, in reality you probably won't get one of those so it's better to anticipate getting a normal one. All of the beachfront rooms are partially obstructed because there are trees on the beach. The BFS rooms are not square to the beach so you are facing it at an angle but you still see the beach and ocean from the balcony and some of the windows from the rooms.

    The balconies on the BFS are bigger, even if you get the normal sized ones though. They are also a little more private as they are set back from the path a little farther.

    The BFS seems a little more private and relaxing to us because they do not have any shared walls. You get windows on all sides of the room unlike the BFVS. Te BFVS shares walls so unless you are on the corner you will only have windows on the front and a door on the back.

    The BFS has screens on all the windows except the ones facing the atrium and other room so you get an awesome breeze. The BFVS has glass on all the windows so it is quieter but in order to get that fresh air you have to leave your doors open which means bugs will come in if the lights are on at night. A few of the BFS are near the Palms and can get noisy in the morning when they are getting ready for breakfast.

    We prefer the Atrium suites which are almost identical to the normal BFS (not the big balcony ones) but we stayed in a BFS in April. Ours was the second building from the Palms so we were in the noisier area. If we stay in one again I would definitely ask for one at least 3 or more from the Palms. I loved that location because the view was nice and we were so close to all the things we like to do during the day but I got woken up in the morning. The room was beautiful. I love the second floor because you get a great view and breeze and also the second floor has cathedral ceilings which is really nice.

    If you do get a BFS just expect to get a normal one and if you happen to get a large balcony just think of it as an upgrade. Those are the ones everyone asks for and there are not that many. I sort of prefer the normal ones because they have those great wood shutters and the large balcony ones have fabric shades. If you end up in one that is too noisy as if you can switch. Even if there is nothing else available at the time they might have a room opening up in the next day or so and they will reserve it for you and let you switch when it opens up.

    For a better idea of what the normal BFS looks like just look at the photos of the Atrium and imagine it on the beach. The rooms are the same other than the location of the minibar.

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    There is no doubt for us the Beachfront suites are much better than the verandah suites. We love the beachffront suites and we have never had an obstructed view. Room 2134 and 2129 are two of our favorite locations. The verandahs are closer together also so it doesn't seem like there is as much privacy. I think the location of the beachfront suites tends to be a little quieter. I hope this helps.

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