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    Default Tennis and indoor cycling at CTI

    We stayed at CSA last year and had a wonderful time playing tennis and getting private instruction. We`ve decided to try out the CTI this year (10 days - yea!) and were hoping that we would be offered the same tennis perks.

    I noticed that there are 5 courts, so I assumed that they would have tennis pros, round-robins,,,etc.

    Also, did anyone noticed what kind of indoor cycling bikes were there?


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    Default tennis at CTI

    I just returned from CTI played tennis every morning. Colin is the pro and hold clinics starting at 8am with the Intermediate clinic. There are round robins and other event throughout the day. Currently on 3 of the courts are being used and the surface is artificial turf. It play like a fast clay surface. The other 2 courts still have some construction materials on them, but there weren't enough tennis players to require the use of them.

    Also the courts are located across the street, be sure to use the button to turn the stoplight and remember that the traffic is comming from the opposite side of the street where you expect it to come from

    I didn't spend any time in the gym, but it did look very well appointed.
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