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    I assumed it was that way for all international flights at all airports. We've been through Minneapolis, Memphis and Atlanta and had to collect our luggage, clear customs, recheck the luggage then go through security at all three of those airports.

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    Ok. This is what we have done the past two years...I pack a cardboard box in my checked luggage. Inside there is bubble wrap, a beach towel and an extra large ziploc bag, along with some other items that will be packed in my carry on when we return home. (carry on is taken to Jamaica almost empty) I use my credit at the gift store to purchase rum cream, then pack it using the bubble wrap & towel inside the ziploc bag and place in the cardboard box. Works pretty well, and there is plenty of time to pack it up in the comfort of our room.

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    Thanks dirtleg, you always rock! If we get out of minneapolis on time we should be ok. I have never had such a short layover. Hubby wanted to save some cash and go in april. So this is the kind of flights we got. On the way home, we change in Miami with a 4 hour layover. Thanks for the information, I hav'nt had to change planes in years.

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    Can you share info about the changes at CLT?
    I have never flown back on a connecting flight without having to claim luggage and recheck it after customs.
    Are you positive about this change you mentioned? We would love to start flying through CLT again.
    Thanks for any further info!

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