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    YAH MON!!! Dave & Vicki will be back "home" July 23rd to July 31st.2nd time to CSW, 6th time to Jamaica. FIRST BOB MARLEY SHOT'S ON ME!!! WHO'S WITH ME???
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    We will be there 7/22/11 - 7/29/11 celebrating our 25th anniversary and first trip to Jamaica. I'll have a drink with ya...

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    Congratulations in advance on the 25 years! Good job! I'll be the one with the shaved head, Texas drawl, and the Dallas Cowboy stuff on...

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    I shouldnt be to hard to find. Just listen for that southern drawl where the alcohol is. That will be me. Glad to know I want be the only Cowboys fan there. Seems there are fewer and fewer cowboy fans around my area in SC.

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    My future wife and I will be there on July 24th - July 31 on our honeymoon. Second time to Jamaica first time to a couples resort. Real nice to see some other southerners there as well!

    25 years is such an acomplishment! Congratulations!

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    I will be there on July 30th - 6 Aug for my son's wedding

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