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    Default waterproof cameras

    Can anyone shed some light on which waterproof cameras really work want to get one thats not too expensive but want it to work well under water thanks

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    I ended up being a waterproof case for my Canon SD1000, it was under $30. And we used to bring 3-4 disposable cameras that cost more than that. I am buying a better camera next week for my dry land pictures, and I will use my old Canon for underwater as we go snorkeling at least once a day.

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    Fuji and Kodak make very inexpensive disposable underwater cameras. They take just fine pictures, I mean not like an expensive 35 MM digital, but good enough to take home some memories or going underwater
    They are under $10.

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    None of them really work that well. You are better off getting a point and shoot and waterproof housing, especially if you are going to go scuba diving as the waterproof cameras will not function at those depths.

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    I bought the vivitar vivicam8400 for our trip in 2009. it worked fine,took good pics and cost only about $100. got it at walmart
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    It depends on what you are doing. If you are going snorkling and it is a clear day and the sun is bright a disposable one is find, you will just need to photoshop or picasa some of the blue out of the photos. It will not be much help diving as you can't go that deep with them. If you are going diving and going to use it a lot and on multiple occasions, I would suggest a Canon point and shoot with a Canon waterproof case.

    The case is almost as much as the camera. Canon cameras that have an underwater case have an underwater setting. You can also used these cameras day to day too. I have had my set for 4+ years and it all still works great.

    If you are looking for something more professional, try contacting Divers Direct for information.


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    I use the Sealife Reefmaster Mini, probably the least expensive camera out there and it doesnt need a housing. To see one in use go to youtube and search Jamaica CSA Dolphins. You'll see a video of CSA's divemaster / instructor Anthony Morris acutally interacting with dolphins in the wild. its awesome. Good luck!

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    Kodak Playsport. MSRP is $150. I can't recommend it enough. It's a video cam that takes nice stills as well

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    We took our Kodak Playsport Zx3 video camera and it also takes 5mp still pictures. Records in 1080p as well. It actually takes great pictures.

    Of course, we didn't do any snorkeling or anything, but it worked fine for everything else, and it is still alive today. We took it in the pool, in the sea swimming, and everywhere else.

    It is only pressure resistant up to 3.3m (10 feet), but we never really went anywhere that required more.

    Kodak Playsport Zx3 @ Amazon

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    I have a Kodak Playsport that shoots HD video and waterproof up to 10meters under water. $130. GREAT CAMERA.

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    DiCAPac-works wonders, costs about 25 bucks.

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    We used a Fuji Finepix for snorkeling and it worked good. I was concerned with water getting inside and that wasn't a problem - I rinsed it daily with tap water after being in the ocean. I'm hoping it works well again next year.

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    Hi, my recommendation is to buy a good camera like the Olympus 1030 I bought for around $250. I even purchased a strap that floats the camera for about $15. It is capable of going to depths of 30 feet and rugged enough to be used in temperatures down to 15 deg. F. We use it for everything now not just for when snorkeling. It's also so small and thin that I hardly know that it's in my back pocket. The newer Olympus Tough costs under $200 but is only good to around 10 feet but it looks like a good buy. Here's a few pictures I took on a recent cruise.
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    If you can afford it, get the Pentax W90, it's a bit more expensive around $250 CAD. But it's a rugged underwater camera with HD video. I use to sell digital cameras and a hobbyist DSLR photographer. I tend not to mess around with the "cheap" waterproof cameras, seen too many come back where they've leaked, you get what you pay for in this case I think. Camera housings I find expensive depending on what brand of camera you have and limited with button accessibility and most of all bulk.

    The Pentax was rated one of the best Underwater, Tough cameras in 2010. It's drop proof, crush proof, dust/dirt/mud proof and underwater shooting for stills and video down to 20 feet of water. Most inexpensive underwater digitals out in the market are only 8-10 feet max.

    Hope this helps. Good luck and good shooting!

    We will be there in July 2011, can't wait to put my Pentax to the test.

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    I love my Olympus SW (I think the new versions are called Olympus Rugged). It takes great pictures in and out of the water. It's supposed to be good down to 30 feet but I haven't tested it that deep.

    If you get one for snorkeling, buy the floating wrist strap to go with it.

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    I have an Olympus Stylus Tough...great camera after our other one crapped out on us in the middle of the cat cruise one year!

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    Thanks everyone we decided to go with the pentas ws90 we will let everyone know how well it held up in May at CSA

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