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    We are planning a trip to Ocha in Sept and trying to descide on which Couples resort to stay *Tower Island or Sans Souci ??????
    love to eat good food and drinks
    Wife likes to wear thong bikinis

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    This is really a nobrainer.. You can't go wrong with either one. Each resort has it's own vibe and wonderful surprises. Each have wonderful food and drinks, fun activities and most of all, terrific staff. Because we found CTI first, it became our favorite place. It just feels so comfortable. Great staff that feels more like family than just "staff members". But we have also been to CSS and found it charming, beautiful and a very relaxed atmosphere. It has its own ambiance and of course, great staff. This is like trying to compare two different kinds of ice cream. You love them both.
    One major difference is the Au Natural areas. CTI has the super little island about 100 yards from the beach. Private, secluded and a very social crowd. You can be by yourself in the more quiet area of the island on the right side. On the left side is the swim up bar, music and a great party setting. CSS has a huge area with a much larger swim up bar,
    made right there, and best of all, a real beach where you can swim in the almost warm waters of the Caribbean. It is very spread out and can easily handle 50-60 couples. But the area is so spread out that you don't feel as though you are sitting on top of each other.
    Each property will give the
    the best time of your life.
    Of course there are things that are uniquely
    to each resort. but overall, you really will have a great time at both.

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