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    Default Worried about luggage allowances

    I recently purchase a set of luggage from Travelers Choice. It is the Rome collection with the largest piece measuring 28+21.5+12 for a total of 61.5 inches. According to the airline (AirTran) anything 62 inches and over is considered "oversized". I'm worried that when I get to the airport I will be told my suitcase is oversized and I sure don't want to pay a additional $175. Has anyone had this problem or am I just paranoid!!?Thanks!

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    You never know what the airline desk clerk will do. I heard on the news this morning that in some situations it will cost more to get your checked bag to your destination than your ticket cost!!!
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    that seems like a pretty normal "checked bag" size. Do they also have a weight max? Most airlines do at 50lbs and they do weigh them - faster and easier then measuring. Harder to stay under the weight with larger bags.

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    I fly a lot for work. The airlines can and do take every opportunity to collect every baggage fee that they possibly can. However, I wouldn't be worried about the size, but rather the weight. The size would be a pain in the butt for them to measure, but they can easily weigh it and if the bag is "heavy" that is also a big fee.

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    Eeek, I have no idea. Best to call AirTran and find out.

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    Mine measures 62 when there is nothing in it (not bulging) and nobody has ever measured it. It has flown well over 100 times. I have another one that came with a luggage set but it isn't a suitcase, it's a large bag. It measures 62 as well but looks way bigger because of the shape. Nobody has ever measured any of them. I have had them measure my carryons but not checked luggage. I don't think they are going to eyeball it and notice how close it is unless it is a really huge bag. I think most companies are aware of the restrictions and make luggage that fits within the guidelines. The airline employees surely know that and don't bother measuring suitcases.

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    Take the tag that describes the size with you if it will give you some peace of mind. The weight limit might be a more valid concern on a suitcase that big. You should maybe buy an inexpensive luggage scale.
    Best of luck!

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    You should be fine. They rarely check the size of bags, except for carry on's. Your large bag will go through for check-in with out a second glance, but don't count on putting it in the overhead storage.

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    How long are you going for. I really find I need much less stuff at Couples than most vacations I take. Perhaps you won't need to take the largest piece.

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    Why such as big case? We travel to Couples with just carry-ons for a 7 day visit...

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    We've also flown AirTran several times and will again in April, and our luggage is pretty large. However, I've never seen them break out the measuring tape. I think they probably just "eye" it and if anything looks oversized they'll probably measure. I'm always more worried about the weight, so I'd suggest you stay at least 5 lbs below the weight limit, since I've heard rumors that some airport scales weigh heavy. Sorry I can't be more help, but have fun!

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    I'd be less worried about the dimensions and more worried about the weight. In my experience, something that's "close" to the dimensions and not ridiculously oversized (like waterskiis) is going to be fine.... but if you're 1 lb over the limit, you get slapped with an overweight fee, and it's $50!!
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    Carry on is the way to go!

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    I would worry more about the weight in a bag that size. I used to pack in one bag that size, but it would be more than the 50 pounds allowed. So downsized to two smaller bags under the weight limit. Most airlines still allow two free bags under 50 pounds on international flights.

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    That is standard large case size. All you need to do is make sure it's not over 50lbs.

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    Thanks everyone for your advice! I have a electronic luggage scale that I will take with me. They do have the standard weight restriction of 50 lbs per bag. I'm know that I really don't need that large of a suitcase, I don't tend to overpack. I'm taking alot of bubble wrap because I collect wood carvings and and plan on bringing one home. Just want to be prepared. I bought a carving of two dolphins a few years ago. It didn't weight alot but was tall and barely fit in my suitcase. I prayed all the way home that it would arrive undamaged! I also have a non-stop flight so I plan on buying rum cream at the airport and putting that in my carry-on.

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    Last May, while flying from BWI to FLL, my husband and I shared a 28 inch suitcase. They did measure it, {reps actually were wearing the tape measures around their necks}. It came in at 62.5 inches when full and we were charged an extra $49 for it. I had them use 2 different tape measures since I had never had a problem with that piece of luggage before. And it was well travelled.
    Flying home, with the same luggage, the man checking us in looked at his computer and asked us if it was the same luggage we flew down with.Obviously it was noted in the computer because he said he would have never questioned it. I should have lied but admitted it was. He then measured it and....another $49 charge.
    We have since thrown out that piece of luggage.
    This only happened on AirTran and may have just been BWI. My daughter and son-in-law have also had their luggage measured when flying AirTran.
    BTW, we measured the same piece of luggage while in Florida and got less than 62 inches.
    You may get lucky and not have a problem but it cost us an extra $98.

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    Unless you're staying for two weeks, or planning on a lot of shopping, there really is no reason for such a large bag. We shop, and normally bring back a bit of booze and lots of coffee, but still manage to get by with a pair of the medium sized bags that normally come with a full luggage set, as well as a pair of carryons. I'll also pack a duffle just in case i need to repack when I get to the States with our booze.


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    AirTran is not flexible IME and will charge you every bit of extra money they can.

    We travel carry on only - it's Jamaica and the beach so you do not need to pack a lot. I suggest you pare down and pack less so you do not have to pay fees in both directions.

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    We have a large suitcase we used to use and pack everything together instead of each of us having our own suitcase...I could even get our snorkle gear in including flippers. A number of years back it seemed they really started cracking down on the size/weight restrictions on luggage and when we went to check in as usual we got told it was overweight and we would be charged a fee. Luckily it was only a couple pounds and we had room in our carryons so we could rearrange some things. But I do know they WILL charge you if they can...maybe it depends on the day or the mood of the person checking you in, surely someone has a story of getting by with a large or heavy piece. I've also seen employees on several airlines wearing tape measures around their necks so I know they have the ability to check without a lot of hassle to themselves. I have since purchsed two smaller suitcases and we pack separately...though I like the idea of someone here who mixes it up in two suitcases in the event of lost luggage. I know you just bought this luggage but my advise to you is get two smaller pieces and forget that big one, or be prepared to pay.

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    We have a luggage scale that has saved us a lot of money in overweight charges. Much easier to rearrange for weight at home than at the airport! I think I ordered ours through Travel Smith.

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    We just came home from 2 weeks at Couples and discovered something! We had never realized this before but your bags actually weigh more going home because of the humidity! All of our clothes were a bit damp and the bags were noticeably heavier. No, it wasn't the scales at the airport either, we weighed them when we got home on the same scale and could not believe it. We had even left some heavy stuff behind, like shampoo and conditioner. Just leave yourself some wiggle room on the weight.

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    I have a story. Last year when we left Jamaica, my bag was 2 pounds over the 50 limit at the Montego Bay airport. The young woman behind the counter was very nice and said she would let it slide. When we looked at our tickets, our reserved seat assignments had been changed. She had put us in first class where the baggage allowance is over 50 pounds!
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