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    Default Saint Patricks Day CN

    I realized the other day that we will be at CN on Saint Patrick's Day (17 March). Does anyone know if CN does anything special such as corned beef and cabbage or green drinks / food / beer? I would not expect that they do, but thought I would ask.

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    Default St Georges Day too.

    Also, join in the celebrations on St Georges Day (23rd April).
    Ian and Vanda.

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    Default St.Patricks Day at CN

    We were there last year and again this year for St.Patricks Day. We are bringing beads and such with us this year as they do celebrate the Leprechaun !!!

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    we are there same time every year, and always bring beads and other fun St Pats goodies! Last year I brought green food coloring and we let the bartenders use it in the drinks/beer - it was fun and seemed to be a "novelty" thing to them!! They even created a green drink concoction and had it diplayed in glassware.
    In years past the resorts (COR and CN) have not really done anything to decorate per se.

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    will miss St Pattys by a day...but all is well, come Mar 18th..we will drink enough to make up for it!!
    The sun & the sand & a drink in my hand, with no bottom

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