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    Default CSS or CN?

    First time visitors going September 18-25, 2011 for 20th Anniversary and will renew our vows! So excited but seem to be in sensory overload trying to pick between CSS and CN. Never had a honeymoon, so we are looking for the BEST vacation!! Thanks, Nancy

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    It all depends on what you're looking for. CSS is more secluded, built on the cliffs with private beaches. There is lots of room to walk (and stairs to climb) with tropical foliage to enjoy as well as 2 beautiful beaches (1 that has a great view of the sunset) IMHO it's the most romantic of all the Couples resorts. CN is more open with a beautiful public beach (others can walk the CN beach but not come on the property). You'll enjoy soft, white sand and gorgeous sunsets. CN sports a beautiful pool and is much flatter and easier to get around. The best thing to do is research both resorts, see what each has and how it applies to the two of you then make a choice and go with it. The one thing you can rest assured is that no matter which Couples resort you choose you'll have a great belated honeymoon!

    Bart & Bug

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    Congratulations on reaching 20 splendid years together. Choosing Couples gives you an excellent chance at having "...the BEST vacation ever". Choosing between CSS or CN is a tough. You will get outstanding service and food at both. Both are small romatic resorts. Both offer the option of trying Au Naturel sunbathing if you're feeling a little risque after 20 years of bliss togetehr. CSS is more private with a smaller beach area and many rooms on the cliffs with spectacular views out over the water. It also has many paths through the trees and some private hot tubs tucked away in nooks. CN is on a (roughly) 2 mile stretch of 7 mile beach. It shares the long wide sandy beach of Bloody Bay with several other resorts. The beach is magnificent as is the pool area and surrounding gardens. You will not have to fight for beach chairs at either resort and you will be wow'ed by the gentle nature and superb service of the staff at both resorts.
    Have a fabulous celebration together and whichever resort you choose to visit... just go the other one on when you come back... and you will come back.


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    Default Thanks!

    Thanks so much for the input! And from what I have read on the message board, I am pretty sure we will be repeat visitors!!!! Counting down the days already and can't wait for some sunshine and heat after our "lovely" NY winter this year :-)
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