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    Default CTI - Rooms with MINI BARS

    My wife and I are planing our first trip back to Couples since our honeymoon in 2007. We are thinking about CTI! So some help on a few questions would be appreciated! What room categories include the mini bar? What night is the repeaters dinner? What night is the beach party? Thanks in advance for you help!

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    The repeater's dinner and the beach party are both on Monday night. You can do both. Go to the dinner, and then hit the beach for the entertainment. Have fun!!!

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    I would be interested in the mini bar also. Any information?

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    I think the mini bars are only in the suites.

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    Thanks Sunflower.
    Is there a fridge?

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    We stayed in an Ocean Jr. Suite and had mini bar with frig.

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    Mini bars with refrigerators are only in the suites BUT you really don't need one at CTI with the elevators it's super easy to run to the bar and get drinks to take back to your room which is what I do half the time anyway even if I have a mini bar to get frozen drinks.
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