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    Default How many songs do I really need?

    Ok so... I am getting married in 99days 7hrs and 55min which will actually be May 21, 2011 @ 4pm @ CN. YAY!!! I am so excited as you can probably tell. I am having the hardest time trying to pick songs for us. How many is too many songs? How many is not enough songs? Do they give you the opportunity to have a first dance? Do you have the first dance where the cake cutting take place? I am really starting to stress because I want it to be perfect or close to it. Please help!!!


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    Congrats! We are getting married on May 19th @ 4pm @ CN!
    I'm not sure of the answers to your questions though, sorry!

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    I have heard 3 to 5, and yes, you can have a first dance. I'm going to pick 5 just encase. :O)

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    I'm getting married May 20th at CSA!!! I've been stuggling picking music as well. I never knew how much of a task this would be, LOL
    Congrats everyone

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    Congrats to Brittany! Maybe I will get a chance to meet you there.

    @ klmurphy2005: I think I am going to do the same just to be on the safe side. I would rather have too many songs then not enough.Congrats to you!

    @ NegrilBride27: I am having the hardest time now trying to pick my favorites out of my Top 10 list. Someone should come up with the TOP 10 best beach wedding songs or something to make it easier. LOL!! Congrats to you also.

    Simply Marv3lous

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    Congrats!! I am getting married at CN on March 17th. As of right now we have picked 3 songs but are planning on a few more just to be on the safe side. I found a great website with a ton of ideas, hope this helps!

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    We were married at CSA in 2008. We brought a disk with a processional song, recessional song, as well as some others that could be played in the garden. It worked perfectly.
    They start the first song as your queue to start walking, and stop it once you're at the alter. If you have a MOH and/or BMs, you could change songs before you proceed, but keep in mind it's a short walk, so you only get about a minute or two of the song.
    The recessional song starts up after you are pronouced husband and wife and walk back down the aisle.
    Tip - Just be sure it gets to you favorite part at the beginning or they'll cut it before you hear it!
    If you have more songs on your disk they can play them at the garden reception as background music.
    We didn't do a first dance here, as we did it later after dinner off resort, but they will certainly play it for you at the garden. Just be sure to let your WC know ahead of time (when you meet with her)
    As for music, well, that depends what you like. Some brides want traditional, others classical, some reggae... we used Bob Marley - Is this love... and now I always smile when I hear it.

    Congratulations everyone. Getting married at a Couples resort will be the BEST wedding decision you could ever make!

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    you'll want atleast 3: one for your bridesmaids if you have them (or while your guest are sitting down), and one to walk down aisel in, and one to walk back down with.

    we had 5 songs, with extra to play at garden, however there was soo much excitement afterward and with signing the marrage liscense. I don't remember any other songs being played. I honeslty thought that my wedding coordinator left the stereo on the beach and no one could hear it in garden area.... But again, i can't say for sure. I would stress that you want to hear the rest of CD in the garden area.

    our song where
    smile by uncle kracker
    somewhere over the rainbow by that hawian guy
    the way you do the things you do by ub40
    i got you babe by ub40
    I'm yours by jason mraz
    all i want in you by barry louis polisar (juno soundtrack)

    other songs that we thought about using where:
    better together by jack johnson
    when i see you smile by uncle sam
    I'm a believer by smash mouth
    grow old with you, adam sandler
    thank you for loving, me bon jovi
    crazy for you, madonna
    a groovy kinda of love, phil collins

    hope that helps!

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    @ iowa: Congrats! Thanks for the link. I will make sure to check it out. Hopefully I can at least have my CD done instead of waiting until the last minute, and being with songs that I really wouldn't want to walk down the aisle to. I love a lot of songs but you know there are some songs that you can just imagine yourself walking down the aisle to. How long will you be there? I will be arriving on May 19th leaving May 25th. I am so excited!!

    @ Jamaicamecrazy & JennyBenny: Thank you for breaking everything down for me. Your post gave me a visual of how things will be during the ceremony and everything. Very informative. Thanks.


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    Do you have to bring a CD with songs, or do they have some there to choose from? I was just planning on picking from theirs. I guess I just assumed they would have plenty?!

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    We made our own CD up with 3 songs on it. They have music there you can shoose from as well. My friends used theirs 2 years ago.

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    We got married at CSA on May 20th. It was just my hubby and I. We accidentally left our CD at home and the wedding coordinator was able to download all our songs to an ipod. I had a total of 3 songs -- One for me to walk down the isle to, one for us to have our kiss too at the end of the ceremony, and one for the signing of the marriage liscence. For the mini cake and champagne reception, the coordinator had a collection of Jamaican love songs playing in the background. It was awesome!!!! Don't worry about a thing

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    I am not sure of the answers to your questions though, but Congrats! We also made our own CD up with 5 songs on it. They have music there you can shoose from as well. My friends used theirs 1 years ago.

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    I'm a little confused about how the music works.

    I'll be there in November (2018) for a vow renewal ceremony (celebrating our 40th anniversary!). I have a playlist of about 15 songs. I know I get 4: 1 for walking down the aisle, 1 for background during ceremony, 1 for wine toast and 1 for cake cutting. I'm told the 2nd part of the ceremony takes about 20 minutes.

    Do I then have any other time to play the rest of the songs or is the party over after the cake and I need to listen on my own device thereafter?

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    Background during ceremony? I don't get that. I didn't have any for our renewal and to be honest, the whole ceremony was about 15 minutes. We then had our cake and bubbly then walked around and took pictures. We got married the first time and we just had a song for walking down the isle. I did have 4 songs that were edited into the DVD which was outstanding. You can do whatever you want of course but seems like a lot of music.

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