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Thread: March 2010

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    Default March 2010

    Greg and Dari 2/27-3/6. First time to CTI. We've been to CN once and CSA six times.

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    Hi Greg & Dari! Lokks like we'll miss you on our trip in March. We'll be there from the 28th-Apr.4th. It'll be our second trip to CTI. Have fun!!

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    We just booked for March 12-20. It will be our 6th time to Jamaica, 5th time to Couples, 3rd time to CTI.
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    Default Sunsets at CTI

    [I]Hey JJ - Fancy meeting you here! We were thinking of going to CTI in March instead of CN but the sunsets are just soooooo beautiful at CN. Would we get the same view from CTI??? Does anyone have any pics of the sunset from CTI???[/I]

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    Hey Lisa & Jeff, how you doing? It would be great to see you guys again next March. And Chick too!

    I think CTI is known more for its sunrises than sunsets. You could check out the photo thread on the old message board for pics.


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    Hi JJ...........well it looks as though we'll miss you again. We won't be able to make to Jamaica in 2010 (unless some miracle happens!). We really wanted to to get back to CTI and check out the 'new resort'.

    I'll just keep reading the board to see how you are all doing.

    Hope to meet up with you again one day

    Trish & Wilf

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    Trish & Wilf,

    We'll pray for a miracle! It would be so great to see you two again.

    We too are excited to check out the new digs at CTI. We have gotten bumped from CTI at the last minute the past two times, so we are definitely ready!

    Dave & Leatha

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    Default greganddari

    we will be at cti from feb 25th through march 7th. looking forward to meeting you both. 214 more days.looking forward for some jamaican weather because the weather in wisconsin really has been yucky.
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    We will be at CTI March 13th-March 20th It's our first trip to Jamaica!!!
    Chelsea and Zach

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    Chelsea and Zach

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    Hey Chels&Zach...Jamaica is great and Couples is great! Good choice! March will be our 3rd time to CTI. We will be there at the same time as you so hopefully we'll cross paths.

    richnlyn...welcome. You'll be gone by the time we get there. Have a great time but try to leave it in one piece! We are from Minneapolis. Where in WI are you from?

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    From reading the boards it sounds like a blast... we are both very excited!! We are getting married @ CTI that week too, we're still working all of that out... I'm just excited to go
    Chelsea and Zach

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    Chelsea & Zach, congrats! When is the big date? Do you have friends and family coming? Tell you what...drinks are on me!

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    Thanks . We are getting married the 15th, it's the earliest date we could do with the 48 hour rule and stuff but we wanted to do it early in the week so we don't have to stress over it a bit... No friends and no family as of now... Just us... That means no stress and more fun!!!
    Chelsea and Zach

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    So I guess you two will have separate rooms for the first couple of nights prior to the wedding, right? By the time March rolls around, you'll have lots of new friends from the message board that will be there to congratulate you. And party, of course!

    So, besides that whole wedding thing, are you looking to do any special excursions on or off the resort while you are there?

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    Seperate rooms the two nights before? Nooo, the WHOLE stay! Hahaha, just kidding!!!!
    Well, I'm up for everything I definately want to do the cat cruise, maybe dunn's river falls, snorkeling, water skiing, scuba diving.... maybe what I should say is the only thing I will NOT do is probably horse ride, I could change my mind but its doubtful... and I don't think the glass bottom boat tour is worth the time since I'll be doing the cat cruise...

    I know, I love that I found this message board, I'm ready to find the people and have a blast at CTI, party people here we comeeeee
    Chelsea and Zach

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    Wow! You guys are ambitious! We only have 2 things planned...lay in the sun and drink a lot. After that, we just wing it.

    In the past, we have done cat cruises, Dunns River Falls, snorkeling, golfing, glass bottom boat, couples massages, toga party and pajama party. The last two aren't Couples events. We just created our own parties with people we met on the message board.

    If you have any questions about the resort or the different excursions, you can email me at

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    Well, we may not end up doing all of those things... Just that we are willing to do all of them, haha... We definately won't "plan" anything besides getting married because who knows what we will want to do once we get there. I'm excited though. Hopefully we can all meet up as well! Thanks, I'm sure as it gets closer I'll be sending you an e-mail. haha
    Chelsea and Zach

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    I sure do hope more people come in March... haha
    Chelsea and Zach

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    Well it looks like we'll have the resort all to ourselves! Don't worry...there will be plenty of people at your wedding reception. the RSVP's will start pouring in once the weather starts cooling down!

    So how did you come to choose CTI for your wedding?

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    Well, to be honest we kind of just fell into it. We were looking at hotels online and I liked the idea of a "couples" only place since March is spring break time I didn't want to risk a bunch of annoying spring breakers... haha... I've been one and I don't imagine I'd like getting married on the beach next to one haha... I was chosing between CTI and CSS and just chose CTI because it had more to do... Who knows that we'll do much because we aren't going to plan a thing (besides the wedding time).. We'll have to make our own party it looks like!!
    Chelsea and Zach

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    So you think that going to a couples resort is gonna keep the rowdy, irresponsible, annoying people away from your wedding? Good luck with that! Just remember, most of these couples have jobs and kids, so this vacation is sometimes the only chance they get to act rowdy, irresponsible, and annoying. Like spring breakers except older and chunkier! I'm just kidding of course. You'll love your beach wedding. Though I might show up to crash it. I might try and save Zach before he permanently attaches that proverbial ball and chain.

    When my GF and I were checking out vacation spots back in 2005, we initially were looking at Mexico. It was going to be our first real major vacation together. But then we checked out Jamaica and found Couples. We wanted an adults only place and also wanted to avoid the young spring breaker crowd. Then, when she saw CTI and said she wanted to try out the AN island, I said "Sure!" I certainly didn't want to deny her of that opportunity. So that was that, and we've been coming back to Couples ever since.

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    Hi guys,
    We will have 4 couples there March 12 - 20 as well (meeting up for a 25 year vow renewal for 1 of the couples). Funny story, we all met at CTI (COR then) in 2003 and we are going back to hang out and be part of the vow renewal.
    CTI is great!

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    Default Re

    We are also getting married at CTI March 15---funny! We thought it was kind of weird getting married on a Monday, but also wanted to get it out of the way and relax the rest of the time. We also chose CTI, because there is more to do in the area--who knows how much time we will actually devote to excursions, etc. Well looking forward to seeing you all there in March!

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    My wife and I will be at CTI from 3/27-4/3 and we already counting. We stayed at CSA this past April and it was amazing. I hope the new CTI can deliver!!

    I will be the one with the flag up all day on the beach!

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