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    Default CTI or CSA for first timers?

    My husband and I are looking to come to a couple resort in June we are 30 years old and can't decide between CTI or CSA. I am a strict vegetarian so that is one concern for me. We aren't interested in the nude beaches, we just want to come for some relaxation poolside and on the beach with a drink in hand. Which has the best beach? Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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    You will not go wrong with either honestly. I swear by CTI because that is where I went first. My best friend that got married at CSA swears that CSA is the best. They have done renovations at CTI so the beach is better than it use to be. I would suggest looking at the pictures and deciding for yourself which one feels like home to you. You will get confused on here fast. People that have been to CTI will tell you to go to CTI. People that have been to CSA will tell you CSA. Take comfort in knowing you have chosen a line of hotels that everyone swears is the best. Congrats on your trip!

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    I love CSA, but I think they're all probably fabulous!!! I can tell you that I've sent 3 different sets of friends to CSA, and they've all loved it too! No complaints! I also have another set of friends that love CSS. It was the first place they went, and they swear by it. LOL I have had a day pass to CN, and we didn't like it as much as CSA, but it's just personal preference.

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    Csa > cti
    CN-July 2006
    CSA-July 2009
    CSA-July 2011

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    if the beach is important then CSA for sure. The beach at CTI is very small and private. CSA has a totally different vibe than CTI. You can take long walks on the beach, shop, meet interesting people, listen to local music etc. We have been to both and found CSA was a cut above in service and food as well.

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    Please read my comment on your other thread. CSA is exactly what you describe that would be perfect for you.

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    I agree with Jamerican352005! People that go to each resort will say that resort is the best one to go to. I say read the information about each resort and look at the pictures. See what each one has to offer and make the decision based on what u want. Only u know what u want and what u r looking for. I can say go to CTI but just because I like it don't mean that u will like it. You know what's important to u when u go on vacation. People love Negril because of the beach. I personally don't care about the beach. I am a pool person. I like the swim up bars and the food from the grills. That's the reason that we decided to go to the Ocho Rios side. I think of more of your personal preference.
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    Thanks! We ended up choosing CSA and are looking forward to our trip in June!

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    I don't think you'll be disappointed! CSA is amazing!!! :O)

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    SweptAway, while it has very nice pool facilities, isn't really a pool type resort. Yes, the pool at the GreatHouse facility IS used far more than the others (due to the swimup bar, I'm sure), but by and large, the big attraction is the beach.

    Many of the folks here on the MB feel that Couples Negril is more of a pool centric resort; it seems that there are a lot of pool devotees there, or at least they seem to talk about it more.

    Of course, these are only my observations... but others are quite right... you can't go wrong in any case...


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