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    Default cell phones at cn

    will be at cn in 16 days, do cell phones work at the resort?

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    I have AT&T at home and it works fine in Jamaica on Digicell with no problems. If you are on AT&T you do need to call them and enable International Roaming on your phone. Enabling International Roaming is free and the calls when you are in Jamaica are 1.99 per minute... so it can get expensive! Text messages are 50 cents each. We swap text messages with our kids every day while there to keep in touch and only talk briefly when it seems necessary. There is another level of this International service that costs a montly payment but it only reduces the cost to 1.69 per minute and does not seem worth it to me.
    If you have a smart phone that is data capable I would urge you to disable "Data Roaming" because that cost can kill without you even knowing it.
    If you have something other than AT&T I have little info other than to say Verizon does work there, but you better contact them before you go to see about making it International capable and to find out the prices.

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    I hope not............

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    We have AT&T and I "second" what rhallva states above. We have purchased calling cards, called collectc, etc. but over time have found our AT&T cell phone was the best choice. We were at CN last Feburary and had no problems. We will be at CSA in just 15 days and do not expect any problems as well.

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    Jamaica finally got txt messaging? With Sprint, last time('09) I could not txt.
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    My Verizon works well with reception and texting, the very minimal time I turn it on!!!!!!!!

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    We bring out netbook and Skype.

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    Verzion works. I called my voicemail twice and was not charged.

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    AT&T Go Phones do not work in Jamaica. Those are the pre-paid phones.
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