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    In the room descriptions it says the Atrium Rooms have mini-bars. Is this new? They didn't have them last year. Can anyone confirm?

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    Yes. All rooms now have mini-bars. Enjoy!

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    They added them last year in the fall. They built a cabinet under the mirror and put it in there. The only downside is that the cabinet eliminates the only easily accessible outlet in the room. We had an Atrium in Oct it was really nice.

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    We were there in December and yes all Atrium rooms now have mini bars. The best rooms at CSA just got better!!

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    Yes they have them, yes it's a recent update. The room descriptions are accurate.

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    Yes, mini bars have been added to all the rooms at CSA now. :O)

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    Default Atrium Rooms

    Thanks guys for the quick responses. You are right, the best rooms just got way better.

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