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    Default CN Guests -- What Nationality ?

    Will be at CN in a few weeks..... Kind of wondering where the guests come from, overall. Mostly American and Canadian? Do many Europeans and others go there as well?

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    Yes - we have met couples during the past couple years from the UK, Ireland, Germany,... plus all over Canada!

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    Plenty of Jamericans, from what I recall.........<grin>

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    We're Canadian eh

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    We have met a good number of Brits in Jamaica.

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    In July 2009 I would say there was between 15-20 UK and southern Ireland couples. The hotel was full at the time apart from 1 building that was having renovation work carried out.

    There was also an Italian couple for around 3 days!

    I like the fact there are only a few of us at the resort, 9 times out of 10 you are treated as a bit of a novelty which is funny. My bf and I were 21 on our last visit, unmarried, not engaged and not living together! Something that was also a talking point. This is how we were introduced to most couples by the friends we made. I was quite amused!

    By no means are you ever made to feel like an outsider. everyone at CN is soooo friendly. It doesn't matter where you are from.

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