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    Default CN or CSS???? SOS!! Need help!

    My husband and I are planning another trip to Jamaica (Thank GOD!). We have been to CN and my husband is trying to talk me into trying CSS. I need decision help! Anyone have an opinion on which is better? Thanks in advance!! Stay Irie.

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    we went to CN 3 times and several other Negril resorts before that. Then we tried CSS (2) years ago.

    We really liked CSS but it's not NEGRIL.

    Rooms were nicer than CN, we had A-block, A/N was much better than CN, beaches are nice but you cannot really take walks on them but you can take walks around the rest of the resort. I thought food selection was not as good but everything that we had was excellent.

    We booked CSA for November 11

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    Default CN or CSS

    It all comes down to the beach. It`s hard to beat the beach at CN. CSS is beautiful but the beaches are not as nice. They are nice beaches but it`s hard to beat CN beach. CSS is a fantastic resort. We were there in 02 when it was still owned by Superclubs.

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    Our 2 favorite Couples resorts are CN and CSS. They are both very different but that is what we love about them. We switch back and forth between the two. We enjoy a change of scenery. We love CN for the beach and the Cat Cruise. We love CSS for everything else. If CSS had a nicer beach and a Cat Cruise, I don't think we'd go anywhere else. At CSS the rooms are all suites, you can have dinner in your room, the grounds are georgeous, the staff fantastic, the food the best, you have a Friday night Gala, plus you can go to Dunns River Falls. Add a little adventure to your life and go for it.

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    Default CSS is all about the Romance!

    We have not been to CN yet, but have been to CSS! and its been 6mos and i cant stop thinking about it! This place just takes care of you and the Romance follows. We had a one bedroom beachfront and although the furniture is not "posh" its jamacian and cozy like the resort. If we can only go to Jamacia once we are soooo glad it was at Sans Souci. Your husband is right. Book it, you will not go wrong!!!

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    We've been to both and love each one for different reasons. CSS is in the most beautiful setting and oozes with romance. We love walking the grounds and exploring the place. They also have a great AN set up. Their beach isn't as fabulous as CN's, but we still enjoyed floating in the ocean. Scott enjoyed the diving as it was nice to go to different places. The Friday Night Gala is fabulous and the Repeater's Dinner makes you feel very special. CSS is quieter than CN, but that is what made it is special and romantic. I say give it a try or book both and split your stay.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    mdalankford, I would definitely go for it. We love CN and are heading back this coming April for the third time. Back in 2008, we were planning a trip to Couples with 2 other couples and the majority vote was to go to CSS. My wife & I would have preferred to head back "home" to CN but we went with an open mind. We also knew that it would be fine since it was still Couples. We were so impressed with CSS that we returned the next year. CSS is the most romantic, beautiful resort of the 3 we have been to (CSA last year).
    It is also a bonus to get room service for all meals. CSS is the largest of the 4 Couples resorts and the grounds are just beautiful. You will feel like the resort is half empty even when at full capacity. We also love the bar located right on the beach.
    For us it's a tie between CN & CSS as to which we love best. Both are different in their own special way. I'm confident that if you go to CSS, you will feel the same way.
    Next year we head back to CSS. Just a hint, if you go get a penthouse. They are not that much more and well worth it.

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    Both resorts are beautiful but each has their feel. CSS is extremely romantic and has the most amazing landscaping. If you're into the AN beach then CSS can't be beat. It does have a lot of stairs since its built into the side of a hill but that's about the only exercise I get there so I don't complain.
    CN is more laid back and has a bigger beach. It comes across to me as a more active resort and there seem to be more excursions there. I personally like the town of Negril better than Ocho Rios but if you don't leave the resort much that doesn't really matter.
    I say give CSS a try since you've never been there. You really can't go wrong with either. My husband was reluctant to try CSS after being to CN a couple of times but he fell in love with it too and we got married there. You could always do a partial stay at each resort if you have enough time.

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    CSS definitely! The place is amazing. A bit quite but relaxing and SSB is truly the best AN beach. Food was great staff very friendly a total cool vibe there. Very green and lush with some great views. We liked all the stairs gives you a little work out after all the food! You don't feel so guilty for eating so much!

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    Everyone has an opinion about which is better and you'll find people adamantly in love with both, it's a very personal opinion and both are right. Look at the web pages for both resorts, read message board posts specific to both resorts and see what you think about CSS...see if it "calls to you". If you come up with more specific questions people can answer those easier than just "which is better?". Both will offer you the same service Couples is known for but from there the two resorts are as different as if they were not owned by the entity. Keep doing your research, it's half the fun of a trip. Only YOU can decide which one is "better" for you.

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    Been to both... Neither is better. Each has its own unique GREAT Qualities. In fact, we are doing a split between the two in July. Susan has never been to CN (I have) and I want share with her the CN experience with her. Then only have CSA left for us. No worries you will be fine if you go into it with an open mind and no expectations…

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    I'm all about the privacy! g/l

    CSA 2009, 2014 [20th anniversary]
    CSS 2010
    CN 2011
    CTI 2017 [50th birthday & 23rd anniversary], 2019 [25th anniversary]

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    I haven't been to either yet but I booked my wedding for CSS this May and after reading this thread I am even more excited, as if that were possible.

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    We have been to both. CN in 2008 and CSS in 2009. After a lot of thought and comparisons, we decided to go back to CSS next month. 39 days!!!!
    We did really love CN though. We found the food and the beach to be mucch better there but everything else better at CSS. Food and beach not 'bad' at CSS but not as good to us. At least not the 'gourmet' dinners. We love fine food and found a considerable difference compared to CTI and CN. Not sure what's up there?

    Here's the solution to your problem... pick one this time and one for your next trip. You'll love both.

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    Thank you everyone for your help. I am still trying to decide. Since we have only been to CN, it is hard to say that I would like to try CSS. I am sure that ALL Couples are fantastic, but I loved CN so much, I don't want to mess with a good thing. We have another couple going with us this year who have never been to Jamaica, and I want all to have the best experience possible. I am all about the beach and loved CN. There are so many things that I liked about it, I can't pin point a specific detail. In the pics I have seen on the website of CSS, it doesn't look as relaxed as CN. But, it's a Couples, so I should not be complaining and might just go for it!

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