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    Default Secret Revealed and now Questions

    Whooo hooo next week we will be at CSS... our secret has been let out of the bag and we couldn't be happier! It is what we suspected all along so we have been researching CSS for weeks!!!

    Anyway for a few questions... I know the hotel has towels but should we still bring our beach towels from home? Also what do we need to bring for paperwork? do we need our confirmation email? Is pre-check in only for romance rewards?

    Anything else I NEED to know? I have been scavengering these message boards for months so i have read the best thing to bring thread and the what not to forget thread so please don't refer me there.

    ONE WEEK TIL PARADISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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    you will love CSS we went there for our honeymoon in 09. No need to bring towels, the ones they have are more than adequate and you can get a fresh one anytime you want! We are going to CTI this year but we will definitely be taking a day trip to our favorite CSS.

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    The resort provides beach towels. I bring 2 towels for other things though. Like packing delicate items, neck support, and chair padding, but it is not necessary at all. I believe the pre check in is for rewards only. I would just make sure they know your arrival flight time. I would bring a copy of all confirmation papers. Never had a problem with Couples in 7 trips, but the one time you do not bring something......
    So glad you got CSS, get ready to be spoiled.

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    No need to bring towels. The resort has plenty. Pre-check-in is to get your nights credited for the Romance Rewards and to get your repeat gifts. You can give the front desk your RR number when you check in to get your nights credited.

    Our very favorite thing to do at CSS is to grab a bike and ride around the lake. Then stroll throughout the entire property taking a dip in all the pools, soaking in each of the hot tubs and grabbing a drink from each of the bars all along the way. It makes for a wonderful afternoon and some good fun with your sweetie. Remember to take your camera along as there are wonderful photo ops along the way.

    Remember to check out SSB early in your stay. You just might surprise yourself and love it over there! Plus, if you don't soak in the pool and hot tub on SSB, you haven't tried them all! LOL
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Leave your towels at home. Their beach towels are decent so don't waste the space. I would bring any paperwork you have for your vacation. I don't know enough about the pre-check in but I think it's for Romance Rewards members.

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    No beach towels from home needed and really all you need to know is that once you hit the Couples lounge at MBJ, all your worries are over. They take care of everything. They have all your paperwork and you are good to go and have a fabulous vacation!

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    Congratulations on your upcoming visit to CSS. You're going to love it. We've been there 3 times and think it's the most romantic of all the Couples resorts. Maybe we're a little bias since we were married there.

    Save the room in your suitcase for more important things. Don't bring a beach towel. You'll get one each in your room and can trade them in as needed during you stay.

    Be sure to bring your passport, some money, a photo ID and a credit card and that's about it for paperwork. We usually bring a copy of our itinerary just to be safe but it's probably not necessary (we've never had to use it).

    No, can't say there's anything we'd recommend except...Relax!!! Just bring what you think you'll need and be prepared to be pampered beyond your wildest dreams!!

    Wish we were going but we've got to wait another 38 days till we're home for a visit.

    Bart & Bug

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