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    I have read a lot on this board about rum cream, which I am totally unfamiliar with. What proof is it? Do you usually drink it straight, or use it for mixed drinks, and what kind? April 17, come soon!

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    I'm not sure of the proof. Have to google that one. You can drink it straight or have it in a hummingbird I can tell you we went on the shopping excursion that Couples offers and each shop we went into wanted us to try a sample of their rum cream. In the nice "no worries" fashion we sampled every rum cream when asked and was drunk by the time we got back on the bus. It is delicous so make sure to buy some at the airport before you go home. In 2007 that was the cheapest place to buy it. It might be cheaper someplace else now..that is another discussion. Our first trip we didn't buy any and was really upset that we didn't. So my advice to people going for the first time is always bring home some cream 6 months later when you are stressing out about normal life a good shot of rum cream can take you back if you play some island music and close your eyes.

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    17% proof. It's out of this world. Drink it on the rocks, over ice cream, in coffee. Bring LOTS home, you won't be sorry.

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    Default Rum Cream

    I love that stuff. It`s like Baileys but made with rum instead of whiskey. Used to be able to buy Sangsters(my favorite) at the local liquor store but, alas, no more.

    Thank God only 12 more sleeps til home. I`m losin it!

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    I LOVE this stuff, and you cannot buy it in the States. I drink it in coffee with whip cream! It's to die for!!! :O)

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    The proof is so low in fact that there is no limit on the amount that can be brought back into the US. Just remember those pesky "3 ounce liquid in carry on bags" and "weight restrictions on checked bags" rules. So bring back as much as you like.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    My wife and I usually end each perfect day in paradise with a Rum Cream over the rocks when we head to our room for the night. It's the perfect nightcap to sip on the balcony!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cuse View Post
    17% proof. It's out of this world. Drink it on the rocks, over ice cream, in coffee. Bring LOTS home, you won't be sorry.
    It's actually 17 % alcohol (34 Proof). We like it in our coffee but most people mix sweet drinks with it. You can drink it straight, over ice but only if you like REALLY sweet drinks. If you drank very much of it you'd likely be in for quite a hangover! I think they use "Sangster's" Jamaican rum cream. Very much like Bailey's Irish Cream. If you like it, be sure to bring some to the states if that's where you're from as I believe you can't buy it there. We can buy it in Canada.

    CSS - 39 days!!!!

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    Rum Cream is absolutely fantastic! I had my first introduction to it at CSA last Apr/Mar and bought a small bottle to bring home. Big mistake....I should have bought the big bottle, and more than one at that!

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    You can buy rum cream in larger liquor stores in the states. It's not from Jamaica but it's equally as good.

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    Yes, I've tried the other rum creams, but I do not like them as much as Sangster's. :O) From what my liquor store told me, they are no allowed to sell Jamaican rum cream in the States.

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    Cruzan makes a rum cream that is avaiable in the US, but not everywhere in the US. It does not taste as good as the major Jamaican brands, but it is still rum cream and works well in a Dirty Banana and in a Hummingbird. You can check with your local booze providers to see if they can get it for you.
    You can also order rum cream online from several differnt places if you get desperate. If you get really desperate you can make any drink that calls for rum cream using Bailey's instead and it works fairly well.
    Best of luck!

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    We bring an empty suitcase just for rum cream on the way home.

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    I usually buy 4 big bottles at the airport. I would buy it by the 55 gal drum if I could

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