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    Hey all....Does anyone have a list of the various tours offered at the CSA excursion Desk. I do know many of the tours are included but there are some additional tours you will have to pay for. Could anyone give me a list with prices or even a link that I can go and check out...Any suggestion is welcome...

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    Lists abound... YSFalls, Mayfield Falls, Black River Delta Tour, the Bamboo Bar, Appleton Estates, the Bob Marley Nine Mile Tour, horseback riding, ATV riding... and the list goes on. I'll mention Chukka Blue Tours here, because they are used by SweptAway as one of their contractors for these tours, and there brochures can be found at the tour desk.

    I'm not aware of pricing being provided here on the website, but Chukka Blue does have a web presence, so maybe you can check there... and there's a hint in that, inasmuch as there are other contractors on the island and in the Negril area that you can search for and contact.

    Good luck!

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