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    Default Snorkling at CTI

    We are going to be there mid March. Can anybody shed some light on where you can snorkle and any comments on the experience?

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    Howdy Colorado, welcome to the MB.

    The best snorkeling is to go on the daily tours. They occur twice a day. There isn't any snorkeling off the beach, but if you want to go to the island you can snorkel off the back side, just be aware of the waves as we saw several people come back with cut up legs from the coral off the island.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Hello ColoradotoJamaica, there is some excellent snorkeling off to the right side of the island. Lots of little fish, anemones everywhere, I like going around to the back side of the island as well in calm weather, just dont put your feet down, because there are sea urchins everywhere, but just look down before you stand anywhere and you are fine. I'll be out there playing with the anemones on friday.. YAY! Enjoy!

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    This is fantastic news! I was also wondering about the snorkeling situation at CTI. I was really excited to snorkel last year at CSA, but unfortunately for me (and the only downer on the entire vacation) we had red flags for 5 of 7 days and I was unable to book a spot to snorkel even once. Hopefully I will have better luck this year!

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    I would suggest the daily tours. My wife and I had someone at the water sports desk approach us and ask if we wanted a private boat ride up the coast to do some snorkling and see some sites. The cost was $60, which I though was kind of strange, but did it anyway thinking it would be a romantic experience for my wife and I while on our honeymoon. It turned out to be the opposite! We did cruise up the coast and saw some pretty neat things, but we went about 55 mph the entire time. Ended up getting a stiff back and sore hands/arms from trying to hang on. We did stop to snorkle on the way back and were out in the middle of nowhere. We got out and the wife had to turn around and go back to the boat because the water was so rough that she got really scared! I am a pretty strong swimmer and decided to go continue on after helping her back to the boat. I did see some pretty neat fish, but would have settled for fewer fish if I could have had some calmer waters and shared the experience with my wife. I probably only spent about 5 minutes, maybe 10 minutes at the most in the water before I had to turn back for the boat! Not worth the $60 that I spent! I suggest the daily tours as I'm sure they go to calmer waters. I kind of feel that I got taken advantage of by the water sports guy!

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    The daily snorkeling trip was great - we went over to a shipwreck, which is kinda creepy and then over to the reef. Lots of fish, coral, anemones, urchins, etc.

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    We didn't get to go out snorkeling or diving at all for the whole week due to the wind red-flagging the water activities.
    So my advice, since this seems to be pretty common at this particular resort, is to go out for the water activities... snorkeling, cat cruise, etc when the weather is good!

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    When we snorkeled at CTI, it wasnt that great. A lot of dead coral, and very little fish, no shipwreck. We went beginning of December 2010

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    Have to disagree on the snorkeling off the beach. Off the beach out towards Bayside isn't bad, and to the left of the main dock is also good. There you can just stand in the water with a mask and fish will swim up to you.

    I prefer snorkeling off the beach to the scheduled trips - but like the scuba best of all!

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    Just remember one thing if you want to snorkle on your own bring your own gear with you!!

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