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    Default csa repeaters dinner

    i posted this elsewhere, but have had no response. we are going to csa in april. i have been to cn twice, but it's his first time at a couples resort. will we both be able to participate in the repeat guest dinner and the trading places resort swap? thanks!
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    You should be able to do trading places and I assume you would be able to do the dinner but I am not sure. Couples are a package deal so they would not break you up for it and only invite one of you. Since you register for everything together you might call Sean and ask if you should add him as the secondary on your Romance Rewards account and then use that to pre-checkin before you leave to make sure you get your perks. I'm not sure how they handle this situation but emailing or calling seems like the best bet.

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    You need to be a member of Romance Rewards to use the Trading Places benefit... and you can sign up right now... before you go.

    I would think that you would both be able to go to the repeater's dinner... I'd recommend letting them know on arrival that you've been there before, or put it in your profile when you sign up for Romance Rewards....


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    If your name was used for the previous booking and you use your name this time, then yes. If you use his name for this booking, then no.
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    Thanks! I'm signed up already, but I will get him to do so as well. Another question, how far in advance can you do the pre-check in?

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