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    Default June 11th- 18th at CN

    My husband and I are going on our honeymoon from June 11th -18th at CN. It's our first time being in Jamaica and I'm wondering what some of the favorite things to do are at CN and what are the best exurcsions to take? We are getting so excited!! My husband has never been out of the US so he's a little anxious but I know he will love it. Please let me know of the favorite places, best restaraunts at the resort and things to go on our "must do, have or see" list!
    Also, how long of a bus ride is it from Montego Bay airport to the CN resort?
    Thanks much!

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    Only been to CSS, but I'm sure you will LOVE CN. Enjoy!

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    Bus ride is about an hour and a half. My favorite things to do at CN are whatever hits me at the moment. You don't have to plan anything. Each morning, wake up, smile (you will be smiling) and check out the activities board at breakfast. Take the cat cruise one afternoon but you will have three oportunities to do that if you stay a week. Try all the restaurants and just experience everything. This place is different. You leave the fast track life behind and learn how to chill. It is awesome!

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    If he's never been out of the US just be sure he knows that things in Jamaica are a little different than at home. It's very safe and the people are so friendly but if you aren't expecting it you can get a little overwhelmed. When you get off the plane you will first go through immigration, then collect your luggage and clear customs. These processes can be a little intimidating if you've never done it before but relax, they just look at your forms to be sure you have proper ID (your passport), and that the forms indicate the dates of your stay and etc (just fill them out completely). Once you are through here you will start encountering people who want to help with your luggage, you aren't far from the Couples lounge so I'd suggest you just keep it yourself or they are going to expect a tip. Enjoy the shuttle ride to the resort, you get to see some of how the people live and some of the countryside. It's different...they drive on the opposite side of the road and they drive CRAZY but in 15 trips we've never been involved in an accident so sit back and relax. The trip takes between 90 minutes and 2 hours depending on when you traffic is getting out of Montego Bay. Last time we happened to land after it had been raining for about 24 hours so roads were flooded, school was getting out and people were getting off early due to weather (wish I got off early for rain!) so it was a little slow and crazy and it took us the better part of 2 hours. That's a little unusual but if you are expecting a longer trip you'll be pleasantly surprised when it goes quick.

    You are going to have a great time!

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    Hi Sam, we'll be there 9-16 June and we're getting excited too! It will be our third trip to CN. Bus trip takes about 90 minutes or so...depending on traffic and if your driver stops midway through.

    We enjoy all the restaurants at CN. I especially love breakfast delivered to the room so I can drink coffee, eat banana bread, and read on my balcony (while my hubby works out.) Lunch for us is usually the grill and we make sure to go to every restaurant.

    We have never done an excursion....we find ourselves pretty content with a cocktail on the beach day after day. Hubby really enjoys beach volleyball. Catamaran cruise is lots of fun so definitely do that. Snorkeling is also a good time. We like to walk down the beach to the Office of Nature and enjoy talking with some of the locals.

    Whatever you decide to do or not do you'll have a LOVELY time on your honeymoon. Be sure to say hello to us. I have very blonde (almost white) hair. Check out the June 2011 CN board on Meet Up at Couples.

    Kristen & Matt

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