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    Default January 2012 In The Works!

    We are in the planning stages for our return trip to TI in January 2012 for our 30th Anniversary! I know it's early but this will make the year fly by! We are waiting to find out the dates of the TI Anniversary party to make our reservations. We were there pre-renovation in 2007 and was astounded by the Anniversary celebration! It seemed as if they were celebrating our 25th with us! I would love to see current pics of TI from prior guests and reviews by repeaters of any changes for the good or bad!

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    Default January 2012 In The Works

    We went for the first time in January this year and absolutely loved our stay at CTI. We're already planning our return for January 2012. This year the anniversary party was on the January 15th, but unfortunately for us, it was the day we had to go home, so we missed all the festivities. We're waiting as well to hear when the anniversary will be celebrated next year before we book anything.

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    Heading back home as well...planning our vow renewal..can't wait. The anniversary Gala in 2012 is January 14 and the golf tournament is the next day. Both are wonderful events (i take hubbies word for it on the golf thing..i prefer festering on the beach).... 10 days of heaven awaits us and our friends...See you there!!

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    Time to bump this to the top.....January 2012...soon come!!!

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    We will be there Jan. 14-21 for the anniversary party on the 14th. We are celebrating our 40th anniversary and both of our 60th birthdays! See you there - you will love the renovations Adolph and Sue from Wisconsin

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    sueboo....congrats on your 40th...fabulous!! Hubby and I will be celebrating our 10th...we traded UP!! wink......and will be renewing our vows on the 18th..

    January 13-23rd.....see you there.....

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    What happens at this party?

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    the Anniversary Gala is one huge party....cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and a spread of food from every country imaginable....There is gread artistry involved and the kitchen staff put on a great sculptures, chocolate sculptures and FOOD to die for!!!! And of course there's entertainment. Randymon, and many local dignitaries attend this gala as's a great time and an opportunity to meet new people...

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    Aquaman and TT are in da house!

    Jack and Alice, great to see you on the message board. Can't wait for Jan 2012 to get here.

    Robbcouple, congrats on 30 years, we will be celebrating our 30th anniversary also.

    January 13-23rd

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    183 more sleeps....we are sooooo ready to see all of you guys again....i'm giggling at the thought of giggling for 10 days....

    See you on the island

    Mehoff and Catwoman

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    Sue! We can't wait to see you guys! Only 105 days to go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamericanblonde1 View Post
    Sue! We can't wait to see you guys! Only 105 days to go.
    Hi Mary! We're thinking about the private dinner on the island for my birthday. (Gotta love the resort credits!)
    Hey - how about those Packers and Badgers and Brewers

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    That will be great! Only 102 days!

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