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    Hi everyone, I am new to this thread, and was just wondering how the weather normally is at the end of September. My husband and two other couples are thinking about staying at Couples Swept Away September 22-26 and would like to see if that is an ok time or not. Any other help on the beaches and fun places to go and see would be helpful also.

    Thank you

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    We went to CSA last September 20-29 and the weather was perfect. You get the brief afternoon shower but it doesn't last long. I would say when we were there it wasn't more than a half hour. The only disappointment we had is we only saw one amazing sunset due to clouds the other nights but no big deal. However the day we left it was pouring and that was the on set of the tropical storm. You risk it that time of year with it being hurricane season so we by insurance. Nonetheless we are still returning this September!

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    We been to CTI 3 times and going back for our 4th time this Sept. for our anniversary(Sept.25). We had GREAT weather each time. 1 visit no rain at all and the other 2 times it rained 1 day. We can't control the weather, but that time of the year has been very good to us. Hot&Humid. Enjoy your trip.

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