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    Default Ordering Desserts at CSA

    Can you order desserts from Feathers or Lemongrass to go? If you just wanted a dessert to take to the room and you didn't have a reservation, could you call them or walk up and order?

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    Are there any desserts at the Cabana Grill??

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    No Dessets at the Cabana Grill, that would be nice for those of us who have a late night sweet tooth.

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    That's what I figured. I didnt remember any but I thought maybe I was wrong. They should take all leftover desserts from Feathers and Patois and serve them there at late night!!

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    now your talking.

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    RANDY!! I think we have an idea here.

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    Oh Randy, that would be fantastic!!!!

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    Default Curious

    That is a good idea about the Cabana grill, but can anyone answer if you are able to do a to go dessert from Feather/Lemongrass? Or are to go boxes not available?

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    They don't have "to go boxes" but if you were eating there and wanted to take your dessert with you on a plate I'm sure that would be allowed. As far as just stopping by to get just a dessert "to go", I've never heard anyone try it. Since it's a reservations restaurant I'd question quantities and availability for dining guests if this became a habit so they may say no but Couples is known to be accommodating.

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    As far as I know there is no "take out" desert orders from Feathers, Patois or Lemongrass. One time I ordered a cake for my hubby's birthday and they packed up the leftovers for me to share with some friends. However, I would caution anyone doing this. Food in the rooms will bring ants. Lots of them!
    If you take food especially deserts back to your room I would highly recommend you eat it on your patio/balcony and then return the plates and utensils back to the restaurant immediatley.

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    i don't know about CSA, but we did get desserts to go from one of the restaurants at CN last time we were there.

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    I left a pepsi bottle in the bathroom one night while getting ready. It was almost empty but when we woke up in the morning, ants had marched all the way in from the door to the bottle which was on the bathroom counter. Luckily there was bug spray in the room. I sprayed all the entrances, windows, etc and never had the problem again. Just be careful.

    Sadly, things like this have caused many to write horrible reviews on tripadvisor. Didnt ruin my trip at all. Couples didn't empty a bottle of ants in my room.

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