Currently buried in snow in Indiana... I cannot wait to be warm & toasty in Jamaica!

When I first found this site, I fell in love with CTI. Then, after a little more research, I just had to have CSA. Now It's a tie between all 4! lol I'd be willing to do a SR just to save myself the trouble, except we really want to get married there.

Decisions, decisions...

I know, no matter what we choose, we're going to love it! Maybe I'll just draw a name from a hat & book this trip already.

May 16-20th, we'll be in paradise & I cannot wait!!!!

Anyone willing to help will be greatly appreciated. I've spent so many hours stalking these boards.

My wishy-washy criteria: I think we'd enjoy watching the sun set into the ocean. We'd like a nice beach since we live in the middle of a cornfield.

We just want to be at Couples in Jamaica, but how will we ever choose?!?