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Thread: May 16-22

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    Default May 16-22

    My boyfriend and I are going to Couples Tower Isle May 16-22 to celebrate my graduation and also our 3 year anniversary! We are really excited and can't wait! This is our first trip to Jamaica, as well as our first trip out of the states together. We're 22 & 24 and would love to meet other young couples that will be going at the same time to hang out with! We are both very fun loving and can't wait to do all the fun adventures the resort has to offer!

    We'd love to hear any tips or suggestions that previous goers would like to share! Any adventures that we MUST do, things to stay away from, must haves to pack, good things to know about the resort, what to eat, what to wear, etc! Any information will be appreciated!

    -Lance & Shandi

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    We shall see you there! My husband and I will be going for our honeymoon and during that same week our closest friends are getting married there! We couldn't do a honeymoon until May and our friends chose to get married then and there which is perfect for our wallets! We are super excited to have the opportunity to be at there wedding!

    We have never been to Jamaica or out of the states together. Our friends have never been out of the states together but he has been to Jamaica! We are so excited! Look forward to seeing you there! 97 days for us......99 for you!!

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    My husband and I honeymooned at CTI in July '09 and have been trying to find a time to go back ever since. In other words, we loved the resort! Finally going May 15-22. 95 days and counting....

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    Happy to hear from some people who will be there while we will. Me&Tee- as repeat visitors what advice would you give to first timers like ourselves? Anything you wish you would have know on your first visit to CTI that you know now?


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    Can I ask what photography you used for your wedding while there? There is only going to be us four there for the wedding and I know photos are super important to her. I know they are on a tight budget for photos so I though I would ask.

    Also is anyone who is going to be there decent for with a camera we could pester into taking a few pictures of all four of us? We would truly appreciate it!

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    Lance-It kind of makes me laugh that you asked our advice as "repeat visitors". We're still newbies as compared to some folks on the message boards.
    On our first trip though, we learned to do more active things in the morning and then hang by a pool/beach in the afternoon when it gets hotter. The winds also seemed to pick up in the afternoon which made attempting to learn to sail interesting! We did most of the excursions (cat cruise, horseback, Dunn's River) and all were enjoyable (plus it is nice that you have your fellow guests along with you).
    Overall, there really were no problems. The staff was great, we were impressed by the food (I discovered that I like conch on beach night, so I'd say try new things!), and we found that the level of interaction with other guests was up to us (social stuff to do, but no pressure to join in if we weren't into it).
    Less than 90 days to go!

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    Hi all! I haven't checked in a while, thank you all for posting! 56 days for us! We absolutely can't wait!! We hope to meet some of you there!


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    Default may 14 to may 21

    Tom and suzan will be there, looking forward meeting everyone.our friends are getting married on wednesday of that week and drinks are on me

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    Congratulations to everyone either getting married or there on honeymoon.
    My husband and I will be there 15th to 19th. We try to go every year this will be our 4th time to Jamaica. 3rd to CTI.
    Blaine or Tina how many nights are you staying. IF it is more that 6 nights you might be able to use your resort credit, If you have signed up for romance rewards. But please call them to verify. If so that would be helpful on your budget.

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    Yay, we can't wait to have fun with great friends. Your going to have an expensive bar tap Tom!!!

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    That's great!! Congrats to your friends! We will have to meet yall at the bar to celebrate! My boyfriend and I will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary on Tuesday the 17th!

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    49 more sleeps for us....

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    41 days to go! We were just talking about the swim up bar yesterday. Can't wait.

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    We will be there on our honeymoon May 15th-21st. We are 23&24 years old. It is nice to know there will be other young people there!

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    We wil be there May 14-21. This will be our 5th visit to this awesome resort. Have been guest at 2 weddings and we renewed our 10 vows there.

    I can go on forever with tips and suggestions. Do you have specific questions that we might could answer?

    We are 45/41. Our winning formula is: Tennis every morning (they have an awesome pro ) then eating, drinking, snorkeling, water activities, a little more eating and drinking then sleep.

    We usually like to go off resort one day of the week for various adventures.

    Looking foward to meeting all of you,

    Mike and Lidia

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    37 more days

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    Katie and James, Yay!! I'm so excited that another young couple will be there!!! We are 22 and 24. We should hang out and get drinks while we are there!! There is a photo of us on my profile so you know who we are!

    Lance & Shandi

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    Hello all,
    Only 35 more sleeps before we depart for the wonderful shores of CTI. We can't wait. We'll be celebrating lots: one year since we got engaged, my graduation and the start of a new decade, 40 for me.
    We are both so very, very happy to be coming back to CTI, visit number 3 for me and 2 for my wonderful fiance. I love the place so much that after my divorce I brought my boyfriend back and, now he loves CTI just as much as I do! ;0)
    We would love to meet up with anyone around the week 14 to 21 May, so if you want to catch up before or just get excited let me know.
    Christine & Paul

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    I just recently started looking at this message board, but it is truly getting me fired up and ready for 5/14-5/21.

    Looks like a great group of people will be there with us!

    You guys don't worry too much about the ages of the other couples. One thing we have enjoyed in past visits is the mix of people. We have met some great 50-60+ couples that can party us under the table, and we have met some 20ish couples that looked like they were ready for retirement.

    All I know is that I am ready to KICK IT Jamaica style and 5/14 cant get here soon enough.

    Looking foward to meeting you all!

    Feel free to "friend me" on facebook Mike Allen Gulfport, MS network.:!/p...?id=1058381639

    Mike and Lidia
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    ONLY 35 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!! My bf and I will be there May 16-22 to celebrate my graduation from nursing school and also our 3 year anniversary! Hope to see yall there!!!!/shandi.stanaland

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    Our first time at CTI but can't wait till May 17th. We're going for our 17th anniversary....can't wait!

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    Our First time at CTI but 3rd time in Jamaica. We were married 10 years ago at another resort that has since shut down. We went back for our 5th Anniversary, now going for our 10 year. Granted we got married in August, but flying back through part of a hurricane kinda scared us to go back in the month of August. hehehe.

    "WE" are Lisa (43) and TJ (49) but trust me we have the heart and minds of youngins. hahaha! We will be there May 17th through the 23rd. Just look for the long haired biker looking guy and that would be TJ.

    Congrats to all those going for their honeymoon and their wedding. For the first timers in Jamaica, after this trip, you will start calling Jamaica "home". The most amazing place in the world! Can't wait to be relaxing!!!! 37 days and counting!!!!!! See you all there!

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    Hey we will be there May 17 thru 22 feel free to friend me on fb June n Barron king...we chat about our trip..

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    Hey Christine & Paul send me a fb request to junenbarron king or June king I would enjoy getting to know you guys a little before we get there.

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    Hello! We're getting excited to see you all down with us in a few weeks. John and I will be at CTI May 15-22 and getting married on the 18th. He's 24 and I'm 28, but we're bringing quite a mixed age group with us!

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