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    Default Changing dates from Dec 2011 to Jan 2012

    Hi - we booked for Dec. 2011 when the promotion was on - 50% off and $500 room credit.
    If we wanted to change our dates to Jan. 2012, would we be able to do that and still get the 50% off and $500 room credit? Or would we have to pay the rate that is advertised now and lose the room credit.
    (It's just the weather this past Dec. - our first time to a Couples - was awful - rainy and cccccccold and this past Jan. in Canada was awful so...... it might be nice to switch and vacation in Jamaica in Jan.)


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    If you change from one rate code to another, you are going to have to pay the prevailing rates. Don't know if the room credit would stay, though. And that's depending on where you booked as well. We booked through one agent a while back where ANY change of dates involved a cancellation and re-booking. We only book through Couples now because of that.
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    we were told we would lose the credit if we chose to split our stay between 2 properties during our stay as is was not what we booked originally. i dont know if it is the same for changing dates or not but i would think so.
    good luck

    peace & LOVE
    Jamie and Craig

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    REH, we go every December, usually leave the first weekend in December. We have been there the last 3 years. This year was the only year that it seemed cold. I am the type that is almost always cold (sitting here at work in Wisconsin with three layers on the top, and two on my legs, and a heater going underneath my desk). I never used a sweater in Jamacai any other years except in the air conditioning. This year I needed a shawl or sweater for the Beach Party at CSS. Don't judge the weather by this year. It was exceptionally cold all over, not just Jamaica. It is usually quite warm and nice.

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    One thing to note in your decision is that this last fall was a little bit unusually stormy which made for that cooler weather. Storms in the Caribbean are random as to where they hit and Jamaica seemed to get hit more this year than usual. If you need to keep those rates it might be worth taking the chance and keeping the reservation you have already. Obviously no one can predict the COULD happen again, but most likely you'd have much better weather next time around.

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    Hi - we booked through our travel agent, who booked it for us with Couples. She is a friend - so she would, herself, would not charge us any thing to change the date.

    I wonder if Couples will be putting on a special for Jan. 2012 for the same special when we booked - where it is 50% off, 1 room category upgrade and $500 room credit - maybe they will throw that on again in April or something? That way, we could cancel completely and rebook then for Jan. Hard to know.


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    I believe if you cancel and rebook you will be booking at the new rates and lose the credit. However, there's a new promo with discounted rates and a $300 resort credit. The rates always seem to be higher in Jan than they are in Dec (up until Dec. 25 that is)
    As for going in Jan to avoid the bad weather you had in Dec, that's totally hit or miss. We were there until Jan. 10 and we didn't have the greatest weather either. It was cool and cloudy when we got there. The red flag at CTI flew all week, as the seas were rough. Then at CSS it did get warmer, calmer seas, but it was still a mix of sun and cloud and wasn't hot. It didn't relaly improve after we left. Some good days some not so good.
    We'e been two other times to Jamaica at the same time of year (late Dec/early Jan) and not experienced this at all. We had perfect weather on those trips... hot and sunny. In Feb. 2009 we also exerpienced a cold front from the north while in Turks & Caicos. Yet in Jan 2010 we had great weather on our Southern Caribbean cruise. Mind you, we were quite south. Others to the north got colder weather.
    Sadly, I think the weather is deteroriating all over. I hope it's just a bad few years and not a permanent sign of the changing climate
    I say go when it works best for you and just hope for the best as far as the weather goes.

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    Default Reh

    You should keep your reservation for December. The weather is like tossing dice. We went once in December to CN and the weather was perfect all week. We've been to Couples a few times the end of April and the weather was different every time. We've been there a few times in July and thought we found the perfect weather month but last year it rained a lot in July when we were there. The December price, as long as it's not the week between Xmas and New Years, will give you the best price and you can't beat the $500 resort credit.

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    Wow! Thanks everyone for your great advice! This board is such a wealth of information. I guess the main reason I was looking at changing to Jan. is because of how ccccccold it was here in Ontario, Canada in Jan. so being away somewhere warmer for 2 of those weeks would rock.
    However, my hubby went a little snakey when I mentioned it to him - for some reason he LOVES to travel in Dec. -
    We used to always have to travel at that time because he worked snow removal for our town and they didn't want him away for 2 snowy weeks.
    I agree the weather we had in Dec. in Jamaica was not normal - the weather everywhere in Dec. was not normal - so Dec. 2011 could be a beauty, who knows, eh?

    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to chime in

    (Couples Sans Souci was our first time to a Couples - this year = Negril = can't wait!)

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