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    We are new to Couples and will be at CSS from Mar. 26 to Apr. 1 and CN from Apr. 1 to Apr 7. My husband is an avid golfer (I am not a golfer). I am wondering if they have a sign up sheet at check in where people interested in playing a round of golf could sign up and meet other golfers? Anybody who has played golf there - would he have to bring his own clubs or could he rent clubs?

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    Hi and it's good to know there are other obsessed golfers like the group we go with to Couples. We've played golf in both Negril and Ocho Rios. All you have to do is go to the concierge desk in the lobby and sign up for golfing. They'll give him a voucher for the round and have the van set up for the trip to the course that day. He can rent clubs but if playing more than once, like we did, it will probably be cheaper and more enjoyable to take his own. My advice is to take everything heavy out of the bag because the caddie will do it at the caddyshack anyway. We walked both courses but Negril Hills is a challange walking on a hot day. A cart is around $38 but the cost can be split with another golfer. The round will cost around $60 walking or $90 riding alone which includes a few rounds of drinks on the course and a $20 tip/18 holes and about half that for 9 holes. I'm sure you husband will have a good time even though the courses aren't as lush as those we're used to here in the States.

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