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    Okay so after searching here I saw a thread that linked drink recipes (fantastic thanks!) but I'd like to get opinions on what the best drinks are out there. I know everyone has their favorites so I'll give the criteria Im looking for

    First here's the drink menu link I found:

    So Im looking for the drinks that a) get you drunk fast, and b) dont taste heavily of alcohol. You know, the ones that sneak up on ya!


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    Long Island Iced Tea. I know it isn't the fruity stuff, but it is the best one for not tasting of alcohol or sneaking up on you.
    Juliann & Jeff
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    Why do you need to get drunk fast??? Please don't be one of those drunken idiots that gets all loud and pukes in the pool. Couples isn't the type of place where there are loud drinking games. The "H" resorts are more appropriate for that.

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    I dont think I could drink another Long Island as long as I live...omg, they sneak up but sneak up HARD!

    IDK about getting drunk fast, but we liked the Dirty Bananas and Pina Coaladas. Never tried it, but I heard the Bob Marley will get ya, but I assume that tastes heavily of alcohol.

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    Thank you KellyNEddie...well said!

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    I agree KellyNEddie! When I read that one post where a guy actually vomited in the pool, well, all I can say is "despicable"

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrMario View Post
    So Im looking for the drinks that a) get you drunk fast, and b) dont taste heavily of alcohol. You know, the ones that sneak up on ya!

    Yeah, I've got a though. Why do you want to "get drunk fast"? Perhaps you are just being flamboyant, but please take it easy on the alcohol, or at least be aware of your limits. By all means, have a great time and party on. But don't become a spectacle that will become the source of a drawn out discussion on the message board at some point in the future.

    As for good drinks. Besides the fresh fruit and rum drinks at the beach bars, I like almost everything at the martini bar at CSA. They always go down very sweet and innocent, but by the time we go to dinner at Lemongrass we are feeling pretty light headed. And that long stairway to get back down to the Palms can be difficult to navigate after sampling a few of the wide variety of terrific drinks the guys put together.

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    Vodka slushie!!!!!!
    Amy Welch...Woooohoooo!!
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    Default Best Drinks

    The best drink is a Mudslide at the pool bar at Couples San Souci. It'll sneak up on you all right. And it is oh-so-delicious.

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    My favorite drink is.........................the next one. Don't drink to get drunk and you will enjoy it much more.

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    Hummingbird at CTI No matter how hard we try at home we can never get it to taste like it does at CTI. I think they put special no worries juice in when we aren't looking

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    Hey DrMario! How have you been? We are going back March 25. Dude, drink it up.

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    @dirtleg...oh yes those dreaded stairs going back down to palms!!!LOL! They are so fun and exciting going up but ohhh the walk down... good word"lightheaded"
    But you are right why get drunk fast??? Its about enjoying your time together and no one ever has fun when they are "drunk" unless they are drunk on love and life!!

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    My husband and I are partial to the Rhasta Rythym from CSA. Can't wait to drink one when I come home in March 2011!

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    Thx again all and no worries!

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    @leonkelly - we are here at CSS, next week we go to CSA. That's right 2 WEEKS in lovely Jamaica mon! Hey have a blast on your trip!

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