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    Default Walking the Beach at CN

    First Timers to CN and going down in April. Just wondering... we love to take long beach walks. I know there are security guards along the beach at the resorts but...

    how far each way can you walk from CN? Which direction is the best walk, how far can you go, what resorts can you pass, and what sights can you see? Also, can you walk around Bloody Bay and onto the 7 mile Negril beach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2-4-Jamaica View Post
    . . . [C]an you walk around Bloody Bay and onto the 7 mile Negril beach?
    Couples Negril is on Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length, and Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length. CN sits on Bloody Bay and shares the bay with three other resorts. Couples Swept Away is on Long Bay and shares the bay with many bars, restaurants, and other resorts.

    You cannot walk around the point, which is wholly within the property of another resort, to gain access to Long Bay.
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    The walkable portion is 1.7 miles end-to-end. To the south (closest to CN), you'll encounter an area where the beach ends and there are steps up to the rocky area that is clearly the "B" resort property.
    They strongly discourage you from trespassing on their property.

    To the north, you'll pass an "R" resort, the beach area for a resort across the road, many vendor stalls/tents, a stretch of (for now) undeveloped land, and finally the other "R" resort. At the end of their property there is a fence that extends into the water inhibiting further progress (the area past it has thick vegetation anyway, although there is a nice small beach on undeveloped land around the corner from it).

    Quote Originally Posted by 2-4-Jamaica View Post
    Also, can you walk around Bloody Bay and onto the 7 mile Negril beach?
    Bloody Bay and Long Bay together comprise "7 mile beach", so I believe you mean long bay. Technically you could, but you'd have to trespass on the "B" property and either go around Rutland point and across more resort properties or cut across their land to the small road that serves as an entrance to the several properties there.

    An alternative is to go along Norman Manley Blvd from CN's entrance until you reach the "S" resort entrance and ask permission to cut down to the beach (theirs is the first resort past the land separating Bloody Bay from Long Bay). If you haven't experienced traffic in Jamaica, and along Norman Manley in particular, I'd recommend against this option as the traffic whizzes by at high speed. If you take the "walk to craft market" excursion with the entertainment staff, they will walk you down that same stretch of road and you'll get a sense for your comfort level walking there.

    Others have taken a taxi for the very short trip to public access on long bay.

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    If you walk to the left you will the former Grand Lido Negril which is now Breezes Negril. That is as far as you can walk towards 7 mile beach. You cannot reach 7 mile beach along the beach from CN. Walk the other way and you will pass RIU Trobpical Bay and RIU Negril

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    First you can not get to 7 mile beach walking on the beach from Bloody Bay. We are big beach walkers and on our trips to CN we walk the entire beach about 4 times a day. To start we go left as you get to the waters edge (CN behind you) and from here you can walk about 300 yards until you come to the end of the beach, at that point we turn around and walk the entire length of the beach to the end of RIU property about 2 miles and than repeat this walk all over again.

    During the walk you will see four other resorts, two Office of Nature grill restaurants, Jungle frontage with vendors who have tables and tents set up along with some jet ski operators and water sports guys. It is a very nice walk alot of friendly people along the way. We have made many friends with the locals along the beach and stay in contact with them

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    We too love to take walks on the beach at CN. To the left is one hotel with a nice walk. Good for shell hunting. To the right is a very long walk past 2 RIU hotels with a public beach between them. It is safe to walk in both directions.

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    I read on one of the post's that the beach there is 1.7 miles. If you turn right you have the longest walk before you turn around, and you also have vendors along the way, if you turn left, it is a short walk and you pass the AN area. Either way it is a nice stroll. You cannot walk the entire 7 miles as there is a pretty good separation between the beach at Negril and the one at Swept Away.

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    The beach is about two miles long. There is really only one way you can go on the beach as GL is right next door. So head to the ocean and hang a right. You can wander along your way and will pass a couple of "r" resorts. Along the way there are a few beach vendors and the famous Office of Nature.

    There is a large rock outcropping that will prevent you from hiking the beach over to Long Bay (CSA's portion of 7 Mile Beach). Sign up for Romance Rewards and you can go over to CSA one day and walk Long Bay from there.

    FYI - 7 Mile Beach consists of Bloody Bay (where CN is located) and Long Bay (where CSA is located).
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    You can really only walk one direction from CN. As you're facing the ocean, if you walk left (the direction of 7 Mile) you can go a little way but there's a rocky point you can't go around and you can't cut through the other resort.
    If you turn right you can walk for a long way. You'll go past a lot of folks selling their wares and also past the Office of Nature (there are 2...sort of...the first is more "civilized" with a covered bar area. This is not the original. The original is just a bit farther down the beach and up into the trees a bit) Take some cash and get some lobster and red stripes for lunch (I believe the lobster $20 a piece. Fantastic.....grilled over the fire with butter and garlic. You can keep going from there and pass a few more resorts.

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    We went to CN in June and loved our daily walks, there are guards at both ends of most major resorts, they ask that you don't walk after dark but they will let you...and we did. If you are facing the ocean, going to the right there isn't much, the Brownie man as they call him (you will see him daily) will offer you every kind of drug known to man, just be nice and politely decline and he will back off, he is a VERY kind man regardless of if your buying his goods haha, you cant go too far going to the right though, going to the left is going to take you to the 7 mile beach where you are free to walk up and down as well but you WILL come into contact with many more various beach vendors that are trying to sell you things, again just politely decline if you aren't interested. Everyone in Jamaica is sooo nice, that's an understatement. I'm not sure about walking around Bloody Bay but I hope I have helped. Overall if you use common sense it will be a safe and serene walk on the most beautiful and soft sand we've ever seen.

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    I am afraid you will be disappointed in the length of the bay. This cove is relatively small. I really like to do a lot of walking too but did more swimming instead. The bay is beautiful though and you will love it. CSA has a better walking beach.

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    We were at CN last year and walked the entire length of the Bloody Bay shoreline a couple of times a day- it's a 2 mile stretch and shaped like a crescent in front of 4 resorts and different vendors (including Office of Nature). The entire shoreline can be walked, including in front of the two "R" resorts to the right of CN, and the "B" resort that's on the left of CN (when you are walking from the resort onto the beach).

    You cannot walk from the Bloody Bay section of 7 Mile Beach directly to the Long Bay section of 7 Mile Beach. You would have to walk along the road. We had a taxi driver, that we befriended during our stay, pick us up at CN one morning and drop us off at the opposite end of Long Bay. We walked our way back to CN along the beach...we stopped for Red Stripes at different bars along the way and also got to see CSA! Thankfully, when we were at the end of Long Bay, we looked through the brush and there our taxi friend was- parked on the side of the road, waving! He seemed to know exactly when we would have had enough. So we hopped in with him and he took us back to CN. It was a great half-day excursion and we got some good exercise!

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    Left will take you about 1/4 mile and end. There is no way to walk around to the 7 mile beach. You will need to walk out to the road and down a bit there is some sort of watersport shop with access to the beach. In my opinion bloddy bay is the best and has more beach. if you go right out of the resort you can go on a nice 3 mile walk back and forth.

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    Default beach for walking/running

    Can I jump on this question with you... because I have the EXACT same question. Havent booked yet but great walking beach is a deciding factor and hope to hear some feedback on your question.

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    lwithers105- Then CSA is the place for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jimnmariann View Post
    lwithers105- Then CSA is the place for you!
    Having stayed at both, we are headed back to CSA in 110 days for our 7th stay there. Long walks along the beach are one of the reasons we prefer CSA to CN and, though we enjoyed the beach and water at CN, we missed being able to walk for miles like we can at CSA.

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    Great place for long beach walks...CSA as well, but parts of long bay beach(where CSA is)are very narrow of shoreline to walk,where bloody bay beach is vast and deep(and 2mi long vs. 5mi)
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    Being here now, we can see that there is some construction taking place on the northern point just past the 2nd "R" resort, so perhaps the walk along bloody bay will be extended.

    Though, it does look as though the terrain is rocky at that point.

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    CSA is a much longer walk if thats what you are interested in,but I think that CN is a much nicer even though shorter walk,it is very beautiful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rudi View Post
    Being here now, we can see that there is some construction taking place on the northern point just past the 2nd "R" resort, so perhaps the walk along bloody bay will be extended.

    Though, it does look as though the terrain is rocky at that point.
    Hi Rudi- Have a GREAT Time!!! Pls give our HUGS to ALL!!!! Take Notes Please - anxious to hear any and every thing ENJOY!!!!
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    Default Rudi

    I hope you two are having a great time! When you plan the next one or two, remember we're booked for our usual Labor Day trips for 2011 and now 2012. It's been a while, Jan 2009, I think.

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    Hi Art&Francine. "Guess What???" - already said "hellos" for you and will continue to do so. Ivy returned yesterday (she was off for awhile).

    G&P - we'll see what we can do - look forward to seeing you again. Thought of you yesterday on the dive boat yesterday (yes, on the dive boat). And we're also near your favorite spot this AM on the beach - or at least where we saw you Jan '09.

    It turns out the new property is private so it will not extend the walkable distance - and it is not beachfront there anyway.
    Time to eat!!
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