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    Default repeaters dinner--2x in one stay?

    If you are at a resort for 2 mondays during the same stay--will you be invited/or be able to ask to attend the repeaters dinner both times?

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    I believe you will get invited once unless you are staying a full two weeks or staying at two different Couples resorts during your two week stay

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    Usually not. There was a time that we got the second invitation for the repeaters night. We found out later that it should not have been sent. As it turns out, we did not go the second time. I think that I spoke with Ava. She told me that usually they only invite the couple once.

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    Have in the past only received ONE invite to the repeaters dinner when there long enough to cover two of them. We didn't push it and did not crash the party. So I assume they prefer you only go to one, but not 100% sure.

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    We always stay for 2 weeks and in the past that meant invitations to 2 Repeaters Dinners.However, it now states in the Romance Rewards section that only one invitation will be allowed per stay. To get 2 you would have to do a split between 2 resorts.

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    You get one invitation per stay, no matter how long your stay is (ours was 19 days). You can, however, ask if you can go a second time and you may be allowed to do that if there is space.

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    We were at CSS for 10 days in Dec and we were invited twice.

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    The Romance Rewards page specifically states only one dinner per stay.

    Now, if you will be at two different resorts then you may go to each of those, but only one at any given resort per stay.
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    Romance rewards clearly states that the dinner is one per stay no matter how many days.

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    Thanks. I can not remember for certain what happened on our last trip 5 years ago. I believe we have an invitation to a manager's reception the first Monday and the repeaters dinner the second Monday. We will be happy to go to one dinner.

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