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    My husband and I are planning on visiting one of the Couples resorts in 2012 for our 3rd anniversary. We haven't decided on which one yet. I have some questions about some of the activities, if someone can provide a little more info, I would be greatful, thanks in advance.

    Lovebirds Portrait Session
    Sunset Hour
    Manager's Coctail Party

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    After 5pm, SSB (the au natural beach) is open to all guest to watch the beautiful sunset while a musician plays the sax. Its very romantic. The Manager's Cocktail Party is held on Thursdays around the main pool at 6pm. They have ice carvings, hor dourves and drinks while you mingle with managers from each department. Pierre Battaglia, the General Manager, welcomes everyone and makes himself and his staff available for comments, concerns, etc. It's a nice touch! I have no idea what the Lovebirds Portrait Session is, sorry. We have been to CTI and CSS, both are wonderful but the grounds at CSS are soo lush and romantic that it is our Jamaican home. Best of luck with your decision.

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    We will be headed back to CSS the end of April for our 2nd time. LOVE it. It is so romantic, beautiful and relaxing.

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