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    Default Honeymoon is now BOOKED at CSA

    July 25-Aug 1. We are so excited... Now to get this wedding stuff over with so we can be in the Caribbean with no worries!

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    We spent ours there in 2009 and booked our next trip a few months after we returned. You will love it! We go back again in May and I cant wait. It's a very intimate place that will stay with you forever. Once you return home you will not forget it and you will want to return again and again! So start a savings account now. We did it and it has worked great.

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    We just booked our honeymoon as well and will miss you by a few days...we're leaving CSA on the 19th. I feel the same much wedding stuff to do and all I want is the Caribbean!!!

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    Congrats!! You made a great choice. Have a great time!

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