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    My wife and I are going to CN in Feb. I'm really looking forward to the nude beach, because I love being nude. My wife on the otherhand is not sure she can do it.(because of her weight) I think she will be ok once she trys it. Can any women give her a pep talk so she will feel comfortable with it?

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    Tell your wife not to worry about anything but enjoying the experience.

    You will find that all walks of life will be found on the Au Natural beach and they far from being hard bodies or perfect but who cares?

    My wife says "Go and relax you'll love it. You will regret not trying it."

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    jazzer- no worrying! I felt the same way before we tried it. Once you get there you barely even notice not having the suits. PLUS- I felt thinner without the suit (weird I know, but so true)
    You will see all shapes and sizes- and nobody is judgemental. Some of the nicest people we met on our trip were from the AN side!

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    No worry... It's not about that, tell her to just do it and it's all good mon!

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