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    For those of you that have traveled to Jamaica extensively, what is the best way to get the best price on your trip. Is it better to book the flight and resort together through one of the online engines? Or is it better to book the resort only and then look for a good deal on a flight? Also, where do you get your best pricing? I began looking at prices for our trip in December and have seen the price go up about $200 US in the last 2 weeks (flight and resort together). Will it continue to get more expensive as we get closer to December? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Fuel prices continue to rise. Book early if possible.

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    We did the hotel and airfare seperate and it was a lot cheaper.

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    You will likely get better pricing on flights in late summer or fall. We book separately. Sometimes it is even better to book your departure and return separately. Book the resort as soon as you can because that will go up. If you book through Couples you can get a partial refund should there be a sale that lowers the price. The only sales like that would be the Wednesday specials as the normal sales are not going to be as good as they are now.

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    First time we went, we booked the hotel and flight together.
    Second time, we booked separately. We upgraded our room (from oceanview last time to penthouse this time) and bought the airline tickets separately. We paid about the same as the 1st time.

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    best time of year to go hands down is fall(if you're open to any season)
    ..usually best to book early for resort only(we use this site)and wait till 8-12 weeks out for air through the airline
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    I just booked our trip to CN a few days ago after much looking at different websites. It was the cheapest I've seen it in the last few weeks. We booked both our flight and stay online and saved over $350 by booking them together. I've used this online company extensively and always get a great deal.
    Hope this helps!

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    In 15 trips we have always used a travel agent, not an online one but one here in our town. I start looking at prices months in advance just for fun and when it's time to book I call her to see what she quotes me for a price...she has always gotten me at least as good as what I have been finding on-line and often it's better. Plus I have the advantage of having a person to help me if I run into a problem. For instance this year one Friday afternoon while at work I received an email from the TA stating our flights had been rearranged and we had four minutes to make a connection in Atlanta on the way to Jamaica. No worries, the email also gave me several options to choose from to fix my problem. All I had to do was call my TA, tell her what we wanted to do and go back to work while she cancelled the original flight, booked a new one, cancelled the hotel we had near the airport for the night before since we changed, booked a new hotel for the night before and also made some changes to our trip insurance. Nice to have someone doing all that for me and at no cost.

    As far as whether prices will get higher...always hard to say. For a November trip we generally book in June and sometimes that has worked out well and other times the price has changed but a few bucks. The only thing you can do is determine the price you are willing to pay and book the trip then don't look back. It's a lot like gambling in a way.

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    We've booked it every way there is to book. We've used travel agents, we've used the travel websites, booked directly with couples, and we've booked hotel and flights separately. I watch the hotel prices and the airfare year around. The last couple of years the airfare has been the wildcard. Too many empty seats lead to cheaper airfares. Which was great a few years ago, but the airlines figured that out and cut flights causing the airfare to go up the closer it was to our trip.

    We usually book this time of the year for July and I booked two weeks ago. I watched the airfare jump three weeks which scared the poo poo out of us. Only to find it drop way below what I had previously saw, so I jumped all over it and booked. So much of the airfare prices are based on where you fly out of and of course the time of the year. I really don't think there is such a thing as the absolute cheapest price. This year's price is $600 cheaper that we paid for in 2008 for the same number of nights but we are in the highest category room now, go figure.

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    I just booked for Dec and it's going to be my first trip to Couples. Check this link for some advice that i got. We were thinking of going to Couples last year and when I was watching pricing all it seemed to do was go up. So, based on that and the advice that I got I booked now. Good luck!

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    Hey guys i have found it is usually a little cheaper to book together. Flights an hotel,i use a travel agent out of houston. He told me he expects air to go up. I booked our trip 3 wks ago. Texmaican

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