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    Has anyone ever booked CN or CSA on a last minute basis? If so, did you save any $?

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    You will find the most expensive time to book is last minute. All discounts are gone as they are for early booking, but if it is the only way you can go then go for it!!!!
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Save any money over what, the current rate? The closer to the date of travel, the higher the price will be unless you happen to find a Wednesday Special that will work. The latest we booked was an April trip that we booked in February or late January. We could have gotten a way better rate had I known to book it earlier.

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    I have been wondering this to. We actually booked our first trip to CN last October 2011 thru Sunset Travel for out trip in January 2011, and we recieved a wonderful deal because the Wednesday special was the week we were going. I am now starting to price it out for 10 days for January of 2012 and I don't know if I should wait again to book or book it in advance.

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    You are best off booking in advance and then if a better deal comes along you can get that deal as long as you book through Couples and the better deal presents itself more than 46 days from your date of travel.

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    I wouldn't really consider booking in October for a January trip "last minute". When I read the original post I had ideas of booking a matter of a few weeks before the trip. We have made 15 trips to Jamaica most of them in November and we usually book in June. I watch prices basically all year round, several weeks before we are ready to book I contact our travel agent and she checks prices and then keeps an eye on them with me for a few weeks. A few times prices have dropped some after I've booked but by a matter of a couple hundred bucks, never so much that I kicked myself for having booked when I did. The prices have gone up many times as well. Basically booking the trip is a bit like gambling so having the advice of experience and a good travel agent is helpful then you just have to decide what price you are willing to pay and go for it. Waiting until "last minute" is likely to result in a lack of availability for the room you want or for flights and will most often result in a higher price due to higher airfare if not higher room prices as well.

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