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    Default Calling all the romantics!!

    My hubby and I will be going to csa in 249 days, so in order to fill my time, I am asking for ideas on things to do for our 10 year anniversary. This is a once in a lifetime trip for us as we have 3 children one that has special needs. This is our first vacation in 10 years. I want to do something really special and unique, to let him know how much I appreciate him and how hard he works just so the kids and I have the things that we need. Since the kids have been "our life" for so long our only romance is maybe a dinner our once a year. Thanks for the help, I am so excited to hear what you can come up with.

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    A MUST DO is the Sunset Catamaran Cruise. If it doesn't rejuvinate your love for one another then try a walk along the beach at sunset. You'll find love is in the air at a Couples resort. All he needs to do is breath and the rest will happen.

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    Wow goodygirl!

    Lemme see... one way to start off your vacation (before you leave) is to arrange to have a love letter read to him by the best damned Chief-Romance-Officer in the all-inclusive resort business... our own Randymon!

    Once on resort, you have LOTS of options... from a romantic beach dinner (a bit pricey extra at SweptAway... $150 US), to a spa treatment, to arranging an off-campus excursion for the two of you to one of the natural waterfalls within a daytrip's distance of Negril (you can also package YSFalls easily with a side trip to the Appleton Estate for an interactive tour of the rum distilling process, complete with tasting).

    I'm sure others here can help you cook something up!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Ohhh... I thought of another one!

    If you have the pipes (or even if you don't) arrange to serenade him with his favorite love ballad at the Aura Lounge, with Ultimate Chocolate as your accompanist. I know he would LOVE to help!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Definitely the $150 Private dinner on the beach to return to your room with flower pedals covering the bed. We did it for our 25th and it was truly amazing.

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    What about renewing your vows on the beach?

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    I think the private dinner sounds great... and be sure to tell him how much he means to you... I think its very romantic to hear how much your loved one cares for/ adores/ is in love you...

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    Goody- Negril is all about the simple things.. a vibe a feel and a sense of peace. I suggest the following -
    At least 2-3 times during your stay if not every evening
    1) approx 30 minutes before sunset get a bottle of champagne and 2 flutes
    2) track down the strolling sax man discreetly throw the guy a few bucks and share with him 2-3 of your fav tunes....
    3) say nothing do nothing as you two watch the sunset. let the melody of the sax the and the rhythm of the ocean wash over you
    4) watch the sea swallow the sun taking time to enjoy the colors unfold...

    Sunsets are a time for reflection, reflect back on what is special and what we have to be thankful for. A negril sunset is a magical, humbling and spiritual event .....

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    Just being away together at CSA will be enough in itself really - You can't imagine how romantic just that is. Just the 2 of you, no kids, no jobs, no traffic, no stress, just fun Fun FUN & relaxation all day & all night. Don't forget to pack a sexy nightie or 2 that your hubby has never seen before & a couple of dresses or outfits for dinner that will knock his socks off. He'll appreciate it, I'm sure. You might also do the couples massage or the private dinner. Don't worry too much about it, though. You're going to feel like newlyweds again when you get there. We're going on 29 years next month & the minute we arrive at CN or CSA or CSS, we're on our honeymoon all over again. There's magic at Couples that makes it happen. ENJOY!!!!

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    Default beach dinner

    Quote Originally Posted by cuse View Post
    Definitely the $150 Private dinner on the beach to return to your room with flower pedals covering the bed. We did it for our 25th and it was truly amazing.
    Did you have to do the rose petals in the room or did the hotel do that for you?? How does this work and what time is a good time for the beach dinner???

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    Go to the Martini Bar above the Palms restaurant for a before or after dinner cocktail. Very yummy. Also, make sure to go snorkeling because it is very romantic and relaxing and you get to see some cool stuff. Have fun. You will have a blast! CSA ROCKS!!!

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    Definitely do the catamaran cruise. Othe than our wedding day of July31, 2009 it was the hightlight of our trip. We'd have done it everyday if we could have. Enjoy, CSA is wonderful

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