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    Default Fav room type or block at CSS

    Hubby and I are going back to CSS for our 20th anniversary. Last time we were there we stayed in a Beachfront suite in A block, and we loved it, but i was wondering what your favorite room type and/or block is at CSS.

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    Our favorite is Block D Penthouse Suite

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    We've stayed in an Ocean Veranda, 1 bedroom ocean suite, both in block D and then in a Beachfront in building B. Loved all of them. D was convenient and the views were great. The Beachfront worked best for us because my husband has COPD and the steps are very hard for him to take. We actually used the road a couple of times going up to the front desk and to the nurses station. (He wanted to walk), however for everything else B block was perfect. We usually spend our time on SSB, our room was ground floor and really at that end of the building. However, I don't think you can get a really "bad" room at CSS.

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    Hibiscus Suite
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    1st time at CSS we stayed in F2. Directly above the lobby and lots and lots of stairs down to the beach. However, we LOVED it. We had a HUGE balcony and got to snuggle on it and watch the nightly entertainment by the pool area.

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    Anyone as long as I am there!

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    One bedroom suite in block G. Loved the view and sunsets from the large balconies!! Long walk to the beach, but then what the heck all we had was time to get there and we needed the walk after all the great food!

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    We stayed in a ground floor room in B our first trip and then in an E09 penthouse suite this year. Both had great amenities. The bathrooms in the beachfront jacuzzi suites cannot be beaten, but the views and balconies from the penthouse suites are amazing. The great thing they have done at CSS is that each room category has something special that the others do not have. We are returning in 2012 and we are trying to decide between a beachfront and a penthouse. A third floor beachfront would be lose some privacy on the ground floor.

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    We stayed in an ocean verandah in G block. Loved the sweeping panoramic view over the resort and the bay, and our HUGE verandah. There are a lot of steps though from there to the beach. We didn't mind, but we did find that we tended to pack for the day at the beach so we wouldn't have to make the hike too often.

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    A block

    location, location, location

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    I love all the different answers. Just goes to show; different strokes for different folks.
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    We were in G Block - third floor - huge balcony - super view - loved it!
    The extra steps were no problem and made you feel less guilty about all that scrumptious food - yummo!

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    D is half between the bottom and top of the resort. You can run back to your room if you need something.

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    We have stayed in B block before and have a Penthouse suite booked for next month. We have seen the Penthouses in D block on the top floor and hoping for one of them this time!!
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