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    I haven't seen any posts about the beach on the island at CTI. Is there a beach there? Swimming in the ocean naked feels so nice - no restrictions of a bathing suit.

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    No, there is no beach. Although you can swim, most people do not. Take the photo tour for the resort so that you can get a better idea of what the island looks like. If having an actual beach is important for your a/n experience, consider Couples Sans Souci or Couples Negril for your next Couples vacation.
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    There is realy no beach at all. There is a place near the dock where you can get in the water and swim though. However, laying out in the sand is not an option. Remember, the island is surrounded by a coral reef and can be quite painful if you get tossed into it. If you are a good swimmer, you can start on the resort side of the island and swim/snorkel around the island. Be careful on the ocean side of the island as the water is sometimes quite rough. Once you are there and get a look at it, you will have a better understanding and can make a better informed decision. Don't rule it our, just be careful.

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    There's a very small beach area looking back the main beach. Don't swim out too far due to the rocks.

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    There is a very tiny beach (if you can call it that) located right next to the dock. We would sit in the water there, but it isn't big enough to spread a towel out on and sunbathe. You can swim from the area, but you have to watch for sea urchins and rocks.
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