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    Default I need some ideas!!!???? May 2011

    We are heading to CN for our wedding, and will be on the resort from 5.25.2011-6.1.2011. There are about 16 other people coming with us, and flying in on the same day.

    I wanted to get each couple something special and memorable, just to say thanks for coming to Jamaica to celebrate with us. My initial idea was to buy each couple/individual a tote and fill it with items they can use while on the trip. However, I think that may be a problem getting it all together.

    Any suggestions would be great. I also hope to meet others going to the resort the same week.


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    You could buy some small tote bags at a craft store and decorate it with tropical stuff...then buy some small bottles of rum cream and some small bags of coffee at the gift shop. I know places like WalMart have travel size suntan could get little shells and sand and put in a little glass/plastic container as a remembrance.....just some quick ideas.

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    Default Ideas

    Thank you so much, these are great!

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    We do custom screen printed t-shirts every year. Makes you giggle every time you wear it at home!!!

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    When we were married at CN, I found a great tote bag on Ebay that I had monogrammed with the name of each couple. Then we will filled them with a lot of different things. Sarongs for the ladies, sun screen, candles, matches, bug spray, small flashlite, a cd with our wedding music, some joke items like a small personal battery operated fan, first aid kit, aspirin, drink koozies (same color as the wedding colors) etc. Then to really give it the Jamaican vibe, I attached note cards to everything with a little story or joke as to what the item was to be used for and at the bottom of the note card I included a Jamaican phrase along with the translation.

    It was really great to see all the bags sitting on the beach or at the pool, everyone used them while they were at CN. And most still use them.

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    Blondie - This was my thoughts too, but I'm worried about getting it all there. Did you already pre-purchase everything, or buy at the gift shop? We are in Jamaica for 11 days, so I'm worried about all the bags.

    texasjamacians- I LOVE the t-shirt idea, thanks!

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    I purchased everything here and brought it with me. But I assembled them once I got to CN. It was not that difficult and I was able to disperse everything between my suitcase and my husbands.

    I had the bags all put together the first day we were there because all of our guests were arriving the next day. Our wedding cooridnator was great, we brought all the bags up to her, she kept them in the office and handed them to each of our guests as they checked in.

    I forgot to mention that we had a letter we enclosed as well that had all the details for our wedding day, a resort activities schedule and of course a thank you for joining us on the next step of our journey.

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    That sounds great, thanks for your ideas!

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