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    Probably the last thing on most peoples minds is exercise/running, other then the exercise one can get from hoisting cold beverages. Even when I am away on vacation I still like to get a few runs in.

    Other than hitting the treadmill, does anybody know if a person could do a 10km run in or within close proximity to the resort? The treadmill is ok, but getting out on a run is a great way to see the local area.

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    I'm not sure I would run the roads near the resort. If you have never been here before, you will understand while you are driving to the resort. Roads are narrow and drivers are crazy. That being said, you can get a great workout running on the property. Start by running around the pond back by the tennis courts (only 1/3 mile), then cut in front of buildings A and B and past Pallazina (wave to everyone having breakfast), stay to the left and start up the stairs, make your way all the way up to the Hibicus cottage, then back down the service road (steep downhill) and back to the road around the pond. That is one lap. Repeat as you wish. It is a heck of a workout, especially in the heat. There is water and towels at the Tennis courts if needed. Have fun. Wish I was doing it instead of on my treadmill here in the snowy states!

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    I am not personally a runner, but when we were at CSS I did see people heading out for runs in the morning when I did a photo walkaround. There's a path/road all the way around the pond, so that's a good spot. There's also service road along behind the buildings too if you want a bit of a hill. You could also run on the path's around the lawn and pool near the beach, but they are narrower and would have more foot traffic unless you went really early.

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    Bob ran around the pond when we were at CSS. He would also tack on the steps at the beginning and end of his run. It's a heck of workout and very pretty. The pond itself is beautiful with lots of fish and turtles. But there are also lovely trees and flowers, and a view of the mountains. Much better than running on a treadmill any day.

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    Thanks for the info.

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    I have run around the pond over and over again, on numerous trips to CSS. Its not bad. go early - the heat is intense if you wait even til mid-morning it gets really hot, bring water!

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    We ran every morning at CSS. If you run the track plus a BIG loop around the property including all the stairs, it equates to about 1.5K. We did three loops plus an extra loop around the track (which is about .5K) and managed a 5K every morning. My typical runs are between 5 and 10 miles, so it was a shorter run for me, however, the stairs add an extra level of cardio. Whew.

    As a side note: I typically run an 8.5 minute mile, and at CSS, I was running 10's. Stairs. Lots. of. Stairs.
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    Default Running at CN

    I also love to run and found the exercise room a bit stuffy - temp wise. Running outside the resort on the roads is dangerous. So, here is what I did and it seemed to work ok. I would run from one end of the beach to the other (approximately 1.5 miles). I did this 2x so my total run was about 6 miles. You end up running past many resorts but thats ok, because its safe. The tips I have are to 1)run by 9am so that the traffic on the beach is minimal, 2) run on the level part of the beach to minimize torque on the knee and ankle, and 3)have fun.

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    Running at CN. When I was there, I would run every morning, start at the beach in front of the resort, as you are facing the water, run to the right. In that direction you can run on the beach for about 1 to 1. 5 miles. Go early before their are people and vendors on the other resort properties. Other than that, not much else that I am aware of although a couple told us they ran a 5k "in town."

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