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    Default High heels and all those steps !!!

    We are booked to go to css, and after reading all the posts I am a bit concerned. My husband loves me to wear heels but i'm not great at walking in them at the best of times!! The thought of trying to navigate all the stairs at css in my heels is beginning to worry me. How do all you ladies manage...... shall i keep a pair of flip flops in my bag??? I would only be wearing them in the evenings so i will have the dark to contend with as well.Are the steps really so bad ??
    Thanks in advance Mel xx

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    I have to admit, last time I brought all these cute heels and to be honest. WORE THEM ONCE hahaha. Just to dinner and BACK. rest of the time worse flats and flipflops, so if you bring a pair only bring one and you wont be wearing them much.

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    I am not a lady, so take my response with a grain of salt. That being said....because the atmosphere and attitude is so laid back, I would tell you to kick them off and cary them when you feel uncomfortable. Carrying a bag to hold flip flops seems to much trouble. My wife and most women never carry bags to dinner or anywhere in the evening for that matter. Most men do carry lipstick and other make up type items in the pockets though. In the restaurant or wherever you are going, put them back on. If you are worried about what others would think, I would look at you and see a well dressed and elegant lady who is obviously confident enough to be carefree, fun-loving, and laid-back. Most importantly is to do what makes you happy.......enjoy yourself!!!

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    I wore heels to our suppers and managed just fine! It is still so warm out that we usually took a stroll after supper and I would just slip my shoes off and walk barefoot, no problem!!

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    Be careful!! My wife sprained her ankle really bad on our honeymoon going down some steps by Lemongrass. Luckily it was at the end of our trip but she still spent the last day in a wheelchair and we missed snorkeling. We did get some awesome Jamaican pain medicine though!

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    Honestly, I love wearing heels myself, but I usually leave them home and bring wedges which have a little more foundation. I have worn heels at CSS for special evenings and dinners, and the choice was determined partially by the distance between our room and our destination. When we stayed in a beachfront, I wore more heels around and to dinner at Pallazina, but wished I did have my flip flops in my bag when we walked up to Cassanova. Remember, you can always call for a ride back to your room!
    When we stayed in a 1BR Ocean Suite (Block G), I did wear more flats and wedges since we did have to navigate more steps. That being said, the stairs are not that bad, you just have to pay attention to where you are walking, which is a bit more difficult after a few rum concoctions! Since it sounds like you haven't been to CSS before, I would recommend taking a tour, that way you can see all the paths between different areas of the resort and will know when to put a spare set of shoes in your bag!
    IMHO, wear what you are comfortable in and you'll find the right balance of sexy and safe!
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    I personally wouldn't want to where heels at CSS (but then I don't wear heels at home). If you're staying in a beachfront and having dinner at Bella Vista or Pallazina you won't have to contend with more than a few steps going into the restaurant. But then if you want to go up to the Balloon bar that will be lots of steps.
    If you're staying up higher (as we were in G) there are steps to go absolutely everywhere!
    There are lights by the stairs, but it's pretty dim.
    The steps aren't all the same height. I tripped on one going up to the Casanova terrace, and later watched several people trip on the same step.
    Do you have any cute little sandals that are flat or with a smaller heel? That may be more comfy.

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    Skip the heels and get some pretty sandals. I love heels, but would not try to navigate the stairs with heels. Why break your ankle on vacation?

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    I think it depends on your physical health and maybe a bit on your age. I am mid 30's and wore heels most everynight and didn't have any problems. The stairs were well lit, they are not bright like a parking lot but they do have adequate lighting. Chances are you won't be going up and down them alot in one evening just a trip or two. I wouldn't worry too much about them, if you have a bit too much to drink your husband can carry you or you can walk barefoot the grounds are immaculate.

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    the steps are..... steep, uneven in some places, lit in some places. You can always walk down the road at night.

    If you stay in the beachfront jacuzzi suites (block A & B) then the steps will not be that much of a problem because the majority of amenities are on the lower level

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    I did witness a woman fall wearing spike heels so I do not recommend them if your room is far from the lobby and restaurants. You can always request a shuttle ride if you don't want to walk but some of the upper floor rooms have steps tp the room itself so the shuttle is not going to help. I personally don't bother with high heels at CSS. The beach party is on the beach and the Gala is on the lawn so heels don't work on either of those nights. The rest of the nights I wear dressy sandals.

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    Get youtr hsband to wear them if he loves them so much. LOL. I go for comfort. Your on vacation. Save them for the room.

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    Save the heels for the bedroom or make him wear them... lol.

    The stairs really are that bad, especially in heels, and if you've been drinking. I brought cute strappy kitten heels and band aids and had to use them.

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    Hi Mel, the steps are not that bad. After all you will have your hubby to hang onto. : ) The only part of the CSS I didn't like in heels was the dinner on the lawn! Take the heels and enjoy x

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    Personally, I would suggest a nice pair of flats or small heels that are not very "skinny" and so easier to walk in. It will depend on where your room will be though on how many steps you have to navigate. We were in G block which was the furthest away from the beach but not that far from Cassava which is the formal restaurant and so not that many steps. The steps are not very even either.

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    I've never had a problem - although I wear 4" heels most days at home - there is always a handrail so just hang on and make your DH go first so he can catch you!


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    The main problem I had with all the stairs at CSS with heels was that it rained every single evening (& day) of the week that we were there so trying to stay under an umbrella, & hurry, & the puddles on the steps, & the dark where you couldn't see where you were going very well were a MAJOR problem with heels. I kept catching my heels on the steps & losing my shoes. I finally just took them off & carried them ... They were soaked anyway, my feet were wet & filthy anyway so it didn't much matter. If it hadn't been raining, it wouldn't have been so bad dealing with the steps (but yes, there are a LOT of them) because we would have been walking slowly & my feet would not have been soaking wet slipping everywhere.

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    The steps are difficult at night with heels. You can wear flip flops, put on heels and then change again when leaving. The easiest thing to do is call the bellmen who will pick you up within minutes.

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    There are a lot of steps depending on where your room is located, but I also wear heels in the evenings and did fine. I also don't very often wear heels since I work from home and rarely have an opportunity to dress up. Part of the reason I love Couples is dressing for my hubby at night.
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    I don't do well in heels(even when sober) so I took them off! Good luck

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    I was at CSS in June 2008 and I wore high heels in the evenings to dinner. I would not recommend wearing them during the events on the beach, but otherwise I did not have a problem. There was one time where I took them off and walked barefoot to the room, but that was mostly just because my feet were sore.

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    Gosh, thanks for all the great advice. I particularly like the idea of DH wearing the heels lol.I think I may have to keep the heels for the room as I'll probably be worse when i've sampled some fine cocktails, I hadn't factored that into the equasion. I'm so excited for my first visit to couples,it's going to be amazing i'm sure !!!!

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    I don't have a problem with sandals that have a moderate heel, but I would definitely suggest avoiding anything with spiked or pointed heels. It's not so much the steps for me but the rather uneven surfaces, so it's easy to catch a small heel and twist your ankle, especially after a few cocktails.

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