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    Default Dining dress code @ CSS

    Hi everyone,
    I know this question has been asked before. But i am unable to find it on the message board. Only 20 days to go and am thinking of packing the suitcase. Lol.
    Can someone clarify the dress code for all the restaurant,s for us guys please. Can sandles be worn? Open or closed toed? Long sleeve,s in all? or just in the Al a carte,s? Long trousers? etc.
    All information gratefully received
    Many thanks and Cheers.

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    For dinner (during the day swimsuits with coverups and/or shorts and sandals are the normal attire) here is the scoop.

    For Cassava a collared shirt (doesn't need to be long sleeves), nice dress pants like dockers and closed toe shoes is the attire.

    The other two restaurants during the evening you can wear what you wear to Cassava, but you don't have to. These are more casual. Nice shorts, leather sandals and a flowery shirt or gauze/linen shirt (short sleeved) are the normal attire.

    For the gala wear what you'd wear to Cassava.

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    Bella Vista is the only restaurant where you can wear shorts and sandals. The other two you will need dress slacks, closed-toe shoes and a collared shirt. Long sleeve is not necessary. The hubby wears Hawaiian shitrs when we are there

    I will say we thought guests were more dressed up at CSS in the evenings than at the other three resorts.

    As for her: capris and a nice top or sundresses are fine with nice sandals.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    Try this link to get what you need for the dress codes...
    Mike & Martha

    CSS 2010, 2013, 2014
    CTI 2011
    CN 2012

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    When we went to CSS in March 2010 we packed nice dinner clothes and were surprised to see that we were more dressed up than most people. While at Cassanova we saw several men in shorts with topsider style shoes and Hawaiian style shirts, or chinos with nicer flipflops (not rubber). The shorts were on the nicer side (chino maybe?) but still shorts. I know my husband was jealous since he was sweating in pants. By the third day there we relaxed our dress code a bit for dinners because we wanted to be more comfortable in the heat & humidity and it was fine. Just don't be sloppy.

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    Default thanks

    Hi All,
    I would like to say thankyou very much for your reply,s.
    This will be a great help with the packing. In pactice this means less clothes for me, more space in the suitcase for my beloved to make use of. Lol. Only 16 days to go cant wait.
    Cheers all, Timo.

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    I'm confused! I thought they had changed the names of the restaurants so that now Casanova is the lunch and dining restaurant and Pallazina is the one by the lobby. I checked the link above and it's the other way around. Am I crazy? Did they switch it back to the original names?

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    The names of the restaurants have not changed. Casanova is at lobby level and Pallazina is at beach level

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    Thanks. I realize now that it's the cuisine that changed. Casanova used to have French cuisine and Pallazina Italian.

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