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    has anyone taken advantage of the golf that's included? also any other good courses in the area you would recommend?


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    Played Negril Hills twice last November while at CSA. The course is very hilly and I would recommend a cart. Caddies are mandatory and they do expect a tip ($20 is customary). I brought my own clubs, but they do have rentals available. The course itself is in decent shape and somewhat challenging with tight fairways on many holes. The Couples website has all the pricing listed. I paid around $55 per round, which included the caddy and his tip, half the cart, and a drink for the caddy (only the greens fees are free). If you don't have someone to share the cart you must pay full price for it ($35), otherwise it is $17.50 with another rider.
    Overall, we had a good time and I would recommend playing.
    Hope this helps.

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    I don't know what club rental is now, but a number of years ago, it was in the $17-$20 range.

    As for other courses, slim pickin's in the Negril area... in fact, I'm not aware of any other courses there. Up in MoBay there is White Witch, which I'm told is fabulous, then there is the course west of MoBay that used to host the Johnny Walker Cup's Carribean stop on the international tour (the name of the course escapes me at the moment), which has been revitalized and rennovated in the last few years.

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    White Witch in Montego Bay is a great golf course. Played it when it first opened about six or seven years ago. Was very pricey but well worth the money. Think I payed close to $250 to play it. The course Chris is thinking of is Tryall. They did use to host the Johnny Walker classic there. A third option would be Half Moon Bay on Montego side. Decent course but in my opinion did not live up to the name brand of Half Moon Bay golf courses. All three of these options would be a very full day away from the resort. Being an avid golfer, I would say to make it a point to play either White Witch or Tryall. But you must weigh if the full day away from the resort is worth it to you and your better half.

    Jason and Amanda
    Aug 23 2010

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    Hi! We stayed at CSA back in December. Two buddies and I played at Negril Hills twice. The course wasn't up to the standards of what we're used to here in the states but it is ok with tight fairways and small greens. It's hilly so if you're in good shape walk it with your caddy. We walked and got to know the course and the caddies well. Although I haven't played the other courses, I agree with Jason, it's not worth your time away from the resort and the $200+ bucks in golf and cab fares to play them. That is unless you're flush with money and are staying for 10-14 days. My advice is to play Negril Hills a few times and get back to CSA ASAP. Go to Patois and down a Red Stripe followed by a copious amount Hummingbirds when your lunch arrives...MMMMM. Here's a few pictures we took on the course. Enjoy!
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    Thanks for the pictures Steveg52. They bring back fond memories. My wife and I played Negril Hills twice in April. Enjoyed the rounds and the caddies. We walked the course, it is hilly but if you're used to walking courses you should be fine. Having someone else carry your clubs certainly helps make the walking easier.

    Here's an idea if you're an early morning golfer. We were on the first tee at 7am both days. A cab picked us up at 6:30am from CN and at 10:00am after our round. The cab was $40 round trip. We played 18, and we're back at CN in time to grab some eats at Cassava and be on the beach before 10:30. It also meant we weren't golfing in the heat of the day.

    Prices and conditions are as documented previously in this thread.


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