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    Default CSS - Tipping for Room Service?

    We are trying to figure out how much money to bring along for tipping for our upcoming trip to CSS. Is tipping allowed or encouraged when using room service? The menu looks so good that I'm thinking we might actually use it a time or two!



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    NOPE! Tipping is not allowed at any of the Couples resorts. The only people you can tip ar non-Couples employees (bus drivers, baggage handlers, etc.). But definitely use the room service...more than twice! Use it everyday! It's so good we would order something to snack on while we got ready for dinner, then one night had dinner on our balcony!

    Here's their policy from the FAQ section of the website:
    What is tipping policy?

    Couples Resorts has a strict NO TIPPING policy. Gratuities are already included in your room price and are distributed among all employees. Our staff is trained and required not to request, accept or expect tips since non-tipping is an essential part of the all-inclusive experience. Please do not think that you need to tip to get great service.

    We sincerely appreciate your desire to reward our employees for their great service but ask that you please refrain from giving them monetary gifts. Acceptance of cash tips could cost staff to lose their jobs.

    There are some situations where tipping may apply during your travels or where you may wish to express your gratitude.

    • For Montego Bay airport luggage handlers, bus transfer drivers, and all off-site excursions (included and extras) tips are expected. However this does not include our Couples airport lounge staff.
    • SPA and salon personnel – tipping is discretionary (not mandatory)
    • Photographers are outside contracted services and tipping is at your discretion.
    • Weddings: you can tip the minister but the tip is not expected. Wedding coordinators are Couples Resorts employees and tipping is not permitted.
    • Couples Resorts supports many local charities, schools, orphanages and hospitals. You may wish to bring some gifts for them but you should declare them at the customs and you should be prepared to pay duties on those items.
    • You may choose upon departure to leave some small gifts for staff at the check out desk or in your room; please include a memo stating that this is a gift if you do so.
    • Do you want to really help staff members who have particularly impressed you? When departing please fill out our questionnaire where you will find a place to name your favorite employees. We highly regard these nominations when considering staff rewards and promotions.
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    No tipping!

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    Travel with some singles for the sky cap and bus driver. When you arrive at couples lock your $ in the safe just remember the code when your leaving. That the glory of tips being in your room rate.

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    Default Can anyone confirm Top Shelf liquor at CSA

    Good Day All,

    Can anyone confirm if CSA is serving Top Shelf liquor. Im looking for Grey Goose and Courvoisier. Thanks


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